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As of January 2019 the Curran Index indexes just under 26,000 articles, reviews, and poems or poem groups published in nineteenth-century periodicals. About 1,000 of these records either fill gaps or correct entries in the Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals. The other 25,000 are associated either with periodicals not covered in Wellesley or with verse, which also was not generally covered in the Wellesley Index. Approximately 75% of these new entries are attributed to specific contributors. Curran Index citations and associated comments can be viewed in a table of contents format, in contributor bibliographic listings, or in various hybrid formats.
For example, to see a list of articles in Once a Week, select that periodical after clicking on the Periodical filter. To limit that listing to articles published by Harriet Martineau next click on her name in the Contributors filter. To further limit the search to Martineau articles with the word "women" in the title type that word in the Title Search box and hit "Search." The search can be further limited by using the year slide to specify a particular range of publication years. All of these filters work independently; select any one or any combination of them to specify a set of articles which meets your interests. Selecting just a single contributor, for example, produces a list of all of his or her articles in the index.
One can also select multiple periodicals and / or multiple contributors. For instance, one might select several monthly periodicals, say Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, the New Monthly Magazine, and the Metropolitan Magazine, and select "verse" from the filter Article Type to get a listing of periodical verse. If one now selects "Felicia Hemans" from the Contributors filter, a list of her verse in these periodicals is generated.  To add verse by Maria Abdy select her as well.
The number of entries per screen can be modified to suit your convenience. After articles are displayed a CSV button, shown as a green icon at the bottom of the screen, will appear to support the downloading of data.