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    F&CQR, Hymns and Lays of Ancient Germany, 57 - 100, Volume 1, Jan 1843, George Stephens, Attributed in Gunilla Bryman, ed., En värld för sig själv (Växjö University Press, Växjö universitet 2008). Stephens had written similar articles for Worthington when Worthington edited the Foreign Quarterly Review. [review] (12/15)

    F&CQR, Tegner's Poems, 91 - 128, Volume 2, Jul 1843, George Stephens, prob., During Worthington's tenure at the Foreign Quarterly Review (Apr 1840-Apr 1842) Stephens had written extensively in the FQR on Swedish culture and society. Stephens moved with Worthington to the F&CQR, and Tegner was a Swedish poet. [review] (12/15)

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