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    BentM, 547a, On the Rumoured Knighting of Brunel, 461 - 461, Volume 9, May 1841, Edward Lewis Johnson, Signed E.L.J. Initials were used by this author for a poem in Bentley's in October of 1841. [verse] (12/15)

    BentM, 602a, Song (Come, let us count the sunny hours), 452 - 452, Volume 10, Nov 1841, Edward Lewis Johnson, Signed E.L.J. Reprinted in The Literary Remains of Ed. Lewis Johnson (1844). [verse] (12/15)

    NMM, 2835a, The Journey of Life. From the Spanish of Alberto Lista, 205 - 207, Volume 56, Jun 1839, Edward Lewis Johnson, Signed E. L. Johnson. [verse] (03/15)

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