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    BC, 215, Maltby on the Palaeoramaica [discussion of Latin-Greek style of New Testament], 151 - 157, Volume 2, Apr 1826, James Henry Monk, prob., Monk was an outstanding Greek scholar, recommended by Charles Lloyd for learned articles on the classics in Watson, Memoir, I, 283-4. (Esther Houghton working file) [review] (08/16)

    BC, 263, Dean of Peterborough's Sermon, 217 - 219, Volume 1, Jan 1827, James Henry Monk, Almost entirely extracts. (Esther Houghton working file) [review] (08/16)

    BC, 285, Scholefield's [commentary on Porson's] Euripidies Tragaediae, 58 - 77, Volume 2, Jul 1827, James Henry Monk, The reviewer defends Porson against Scholefield's criticisms; 3 years later Monk attacked Porson's adversaries (Porsoni Adversaria, 1830); Monk succeeded Porson as Prof. of Greek at Cambridge and wrote on Euripidies. (Esther Houghton working file) [review] (08/16)

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