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    BC, 560, Short's Sketch of the History of the Church of England, 431 - 465, Volume 13, Apr 1833, Thomas Hill Peregrine Furye Lowe, Attr. by Edward Burton in notation to T.V. Short to Burton, May 5, 1832 (?), Burton Corres., Vol III, no. 50 (from a microfilm at Christ's Church, Oxford), (Esther Houghton working file) [review] (08/16)

    BC, 778, The Church and Dissenters (T. V. Short; Wm. Orme), 48 - 85, Volume 23, Jan 1838, Thomas Hill Peregrine Furye Lowe, This is a chronological supplement to the review of T. V. Short's History of the Church of England in no. 560; both articles stress his impartiality and point out that the work was intended for young divinity students. (Esther Houghton working file) [review] (08/16)

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