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    BC, 560, Short's Sketch of the History of the Church of England, 431 - 465, Apr 1833, Thomas Hill Peregrine Furye Lowe, Attr. by Edward Burton in notation to T.V. Short to Burton, May 5, 1832 (?), Burton Corres., Vol III, no. 50 (from a microfilm at Christ's Church, Oxford), (Esther Houghton working file) [review] (08/16)

    BC, 778, The Church and Dissenters (T. V. Short; Wm. Orme), 48 - 85, Jan 1838, Thomas Hill Peregrine Furye Lowe, This is a chronological supplement to the review of T. V. Short's History of the Church of England in no. 560; both articles stress his impartiality and point out that the work was intended for young divinity students. (Esther Houghton working file) [review] (08/16)

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