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    BC, 947, Monumental Devices and Inscriptions, 68 - 109, Volume 33, Jan 1843, John Rutherford Armstrong, Categorically attributed by T. T. Carter in his Memoir of John Armstrong (1857), pp. 25-32; the reference to a "part" by T. Mosley in the Pusey House list was to some revisions by him as editor. (E. H., Studies in Bib 16, (1963) 119-137) [review] (08/16)

    ChRem, Ancient and Modern Freemasonry, 1 - 38, Volume 14, Jul 1847, John Rutherford Armstrong, Claimed and reprinted in part in Thomas Carter, A Memoir of John Armstrong (1857). [review] (09/17)

    ChRem, The Church and her Female Penitents, 1 - 17, Volume 17, Jan 1849, John Rutherford Armstrong, Attributed to Armstrong in the Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 2 (1885): 98. [review] (09/17)

    EngR, Female Immorality, its Causes and Remedies, 1 - 17, Volume 11, Mar 1849, John Rutherford Armstrong, See Ralph Washington Stockman, The Revival of the Conventual Life in the Church of England (New York: W.D. Gray, 1917): 133-4; see also ODNB. [review] (06/17)

    NMM, 3783a, Dante, 183 - 183, Volume 75, Oct 1845, Thomas Roscoe, John Rutherford Armstrong, Signed. Reprinted in Thomas Roscoe, The Last of the Abencerrages; or, the Fall of Granada: with other Poems (London: William Pickering, 1850). [verse] (03/15)

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