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    LitS, Canzonet, 141 - 142, Volume 7, Nov 1830, Thomas Tod Stoddart, possib., Signed S. Possibly Stoddart who used the signature S. in the Literary Souvenir. [verse] (10/17)

    LitS, The Wreck, 129 - 130, Volume 11, Nov 1834, Thomas Tod Stoddart, Signed S. Reprinted in Passages from Modern English Poets (1862) and attributed to Thomas Tod Stoddart. [verse] (10/17)

    LitS, The Mythologist. A Fragment, 211 - 219, Volume 11, Nov 1834, Thomas Tod Stoddart, Reprinted in Thomas Tod Stoddart, Songs and Poems in Three Parts (1839). [verse] (10/17)

    LitS, The Arab Steed, 185 - 192, Volume 12, Nov 1835, Thomas Tod Stoddart, Listed in the Table of Contents as by the author of "Mythologist." [Thomas Tod Stoddart] [verse] (10/17)

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