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    CQR, Recent Works on St. Augustine, 257 - 287, Jul 1887, Richard Travers Smith, Josef L. Altholz, VPR 17, 52-57. [review] (03/15)

    CQR, The True History of the Edwardine Ordinal, 123 - 146, Apr 1897, Richard Travers Smith, prob., John Dowden, in The Workmanship of the Prayer Book in its Literary and Liturgical Aspects (1902): 45-6 attributed this article to Richard Travers Smith. [review] (08/16)

    CQR, Brightman's Eastern Liturgies, 404 - 422, Jul 1897, Richard Travers Smith, prob., Attributed to Smith in John Dowden, The Workmanship of The Prayer Book (London: Methuen & Co., 1899). [review] (08/16)

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