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    CKMA, Pass of the Great Fish River, South Africa, 159 - 163, Nov 1834, Thomas Pringle, Signed Thomas Pringle, Esq. [verse] (06/18)

    LitS, Youthful Love, 224 - 226, Nov 1826, Thomas Pringle, Signed T.P. Listed in Table of Contents as Thomas Pringle, Esq. [verse] (10/17)

    LitS, Sonnet (Long years of sorrow and slow-wasting care), 294 - 294, Nov 1826, Thomas Pringle, Signed P. Reprinted in The Poetical Works of Thomas Pringle (1838). [verse] (10/17)

    NMM, 1480a, Spaniards! Yield not to Despair, 254 - 254, Mar 1830, Thomas Pringle, Signed. [verse] (03/15)

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