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    BentM, 1412, Ass-ass-ination, 429 - 433, Nov 1847, Anne Matthews, Wellesley is correct in its attribution, but incorrect in its evidence, as Matthews did not sign for this article. Eileen M. Curran, VPR 34 (2001), 335.

    FM, 1562, Murder and mystery; an incident, 547 - 559, May 1841, Anne Matthews, Authorship of this is identified at Wellesley 3:992 on the basis of a reprint in Mathews' 1857 Tea-table tales. True, True, but Mrs. Mathews had reprinted it 13 years earlier, in Anecdotes of actors (London: T. C. Newby, 1844). (12/07)

    FM, 1602, To the messieurs of the diurnal press: an unpublished letter found in the desk of a deceased editor, 234 - 236, Aug 1841, Anne Matthews, Evidence as at FM 1562. This ‘letter’ appears at pp. 421-430 of Anecdotes of actors (with an additional paragraph not in FM and a few printers’ errors corrected). (12/07)

    FM, 1624, Theodore Edward Hook, 518 - 524, Nov 1841, Anne Matthews, Evidence as at FM 1562. This appears at pp. 274-292 of Anecdotes of actors (with slight changes in paragraphing, word order, and wording that would have identified the author—in the reprint ‘Mr. Mathews’ becomes ‘my Husband’). (12/07)

    FM, 1679, Anecdotes of actors (no. V, concl.), 436 - 440, Apr 1842, Anne Matthews, William Collier claimed that he wrote this ‘Anecdotes of actors’ (RLF case 1740). However, Mrs. Mathews contributed the first 3 articles in this series and reprinted parts of this installment in her book Anecdotes of Actors. (12/07)

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