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    Bk, 651b, The Two Magicians. A German Legend, 65 - 66, Jan 1829, Mary Margaret Busk, Signed M.M. See Strout p. 199 under Sept. 1841; Blackwood Accts. 30,659. [verse] (06/17)

    Bk, 796d, Upon Seeing Miss Fanny Kemble in Juliet, 112 - 112, Jan 1830, Mary Margaret Busk, Signed M.M. Reprinted in M.M. Busk, Plays and Poems (1837). [verse] (06/17)

    Bk, 1136a, A short statement of the causes that have produced the late disturbances in the colony of Mauritius, 199 - 205, Feb 1833, Mary Margaret Busk, Signed an inhabitant of the Island. Busk translated (and added to) material provided by an unknown Mauritian. Eileen M. Curran, VPR 28 (1995), 287.

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