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    QR, 641, Lord Wellesley’s Poems, 527 - 537, Mar 1840, John Wilson Croker, Abraham Hayward, Wellesley 1 gives to Croker only and Wellesley 4 Corr. gives to Hayward only. Jonathan Cutmore, VPR 27 (1994), 321. [review]

    SatR, Essays on the Drama [W. B.Donne], 453 - 454, May 1, 1858, Abraham Hayward, prob., Bevington notes that the author of this article claimed to have seen John Kemble; Hayward is the most likely fit. [review] (07/18)

    SatR, Lord Lansdowne, 167 - 169, Feb 7, 1863, Abraham Hayward, As noted by Bevington, this article was reprinted in Hayward's Selected Essays. (07/18)

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