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    Bk, 6, Letter from Sampson Steadfast, Esq. [on current politics], 58 - 65, Jan 1824, David Robinson, prob., Strout implies evidence exists for Robinson's authorship, but does not give that evidence. Robinson's own lists in his RLF application do not include this article. Eileen M. Curran, VPR 36 (2003), 356.

    Bk, 203a, New Lights, 732 - 735, Jun 1825, David Robinson, Signed H.H.H.; Blackwood Contributions Book, NLS 30,657/174; Murray I. [verse] (06/17)

    Bk, 271, Preface [history of Blackwood's Magazine], Jan 1826, William Maginn, John Wilson, David Robinson, John Galt, Blackwood Acct. Bk., NLS 30,659 shows Maginn, 17pp.; Wilson 9 pp.; D. Robinson 3 pp.; Galt 1 pp. Eileen M. Curran, VPR 29 (1996), 290.

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