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    Bk, 178a, Letter titled "M. Godefoy", 414 - 414, Volume 17, Apr 1825, Alexander Blair, possib., Signed A.B. Item is noted under #133 in Wellesley and erroneously attributed to John Neal. Alexander Blair was contributing to Blackwood's at this time. Eileen M. Curran, VPR 29 (1996), 290.

    Bk, 2307c, The Bridge over the Thur (from the German -- Gustav Schwah), 717 - 718, Volume 54, Dec 1843, Alexander Blair, Signed Fontainebleau, 1843. Strout Library on basis of Blackwood’s Contributors Bk. Blair frequently translated German verse. He lived at Fontainebleau from late 1839 through April 1843. [verse] (09/17)

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