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    BentM, 1036a, Monody on the Death of Thomas Campbell, 95 - 98, Jan 1845, William Beattie, Signed at head of article. Eileen M. Curran, VPR 32 (1999): 132. [verse] (12/15)

    KS, Lines Written Under a Portrait of H.R.H. Prince Albert, 1 - 2, Nov 1841, William Beattie, Signed the author of a "Residence at the Courts of Germany," etc. Also signed B. [verse] (08/16)

    KS, Lines on the Portrait of Louisa, Queen of the Belgians, 1 - 1, Nov 1843, William Beattie, prob., Signed W.B. Boyle associates "W.B." with William Beattie. [verse] (08/16)

    KS, Six Francs. A French Anecdote, 220 - 224, Nov 1846, William Beattie, Signed W.B.; Boyle identifies W.B. as William Beattie. (08/16)

    KS, Lines to the Fountains in the Place de la Concorde, 227 - 228, Nov 1848, William Beattie, Signed Dr. Beattie. [verse] (08/16)

    KS, Scarborough at Sunrise, 60 - 61, Nov 1851, William Beattie, Signed Dr. Beattie. [verse] (08/16)

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