Dublin Review

The following are additions and corrections to the general introduction and attribution listing for The Dublin Review in the Wellesley Index,  Volume II, pages 11-128.
Proprietors: Alter dates for Michael Joseph Quin [see Wellesley 5:922]: May - Dec. 1836. Daniel O’Connell: May 1836 - March 1847; delete “?.” Nicholas Wiseman: May 1836 - May 1862. Altholz, VPR 23 (1990), 54-6

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    DR, 280, Education of the working classes, 141 - 177, Volume 14, Feb 1843, Jelinger Cookson Symons, Sir Thomas Wyse, Wellesley assigns this article to Symons based on letters from Symons to Bagshawe, the editor. However, James Auchmuty [Sir Thomas Wyse 1791-1862 (London: P. S. King, 1939)] attributes this article to Sir Thomas Wyse based on archival sources. [review] (08/06)

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