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Scottish Annual

In mid-December 1835 an annual entitled The Scottish Annual was published in Glasgow under the editorship of William Wier.  A preface noted that "The Scottish Annual [of 1836] is an experiment, made with a view to determine whether such a Work can find patrons and supporters in Glasgow," and talked optimistically about the prospects for a continuation of  the annual for 1837.
In fact, the experiment was presumably a financial failure; there were no further issues, and the Scottish Annual joined the ranks of those many periodicals that failed after their initial issue.  Nevertheless, the substance of the single issue is interesting in that nearly all the poems, articles, and stories were provided by Scottish authors.
Perhaps the root of the failure of this periodical lay in its rather unusual illustrations.  Rather than the engravings of real or imaginary scenes, or of beautiful women, which adorned most annuals, the Scottish Annual featured a series of autographs from prominent personalities, including Maria Edgeworth, Sir Walter Scott, William Godwin, Robert Malthus, Madame Vestris, Robert Southey, Washington Irving, George Washington, General Lafayette, Rev. Dr. Chalmers, and Rammohun Roy. Each autographed letter was accompanied by a short commentary.
The Scottish Annual was not include in Andrew Boyle's 1967 Index to the Annuals.

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    SA, Maria Edgeworth, 1 - 1, Dec 1835, William Weir, prob., This commentary on a following letter from Maria Edgeworth to Walter Scott is likely by the editor, William Weir. (08/16)

    SA, Letter from Miss Edgeworth to Sir Walter Scott, 2 - 8, Dec 1835, Maria Edgeworth, The letter is marked as written at Edgeworth Town, October 23d, 1814. (08/16)

    SA, My Ain Countrie, 9 - 10, Dec 1835, Andrew Picken, Signed Andrew Picken. [verse] (08/16)

    SA, Confessions of a Novel Reader, 11 - 24, Dec 1835, Unknown (08/16)

    SA, A Psychological Curiosity, 25 - 33, Dec 1835, James Hogg, Signed James Hogg. (08/16)

    SA, The Opening of the Sibylline Books, 34 - 36, Dec 1835, John Galt, Signed John Galt. [verse] (08/16)

    SA, The Kulig; or Sledge Party in Poland in 1830, 37 - 49, Dec 1835, Felicien Abdon Wolski, Signed Felicien Abdon Wolski, a Polish Officer, Glasgow, 1835. (08/16)

    SA, Specimens of Literal Translations from the Modern Prose Poets (No. I. The Joy of Innocence; No. II. Night-Scene at Santiago de Cuba; No. III. The Bereaved Husband), 50 - 62, Dec 1835, David Macbeth Moir, Signed Delta. [verse] (08/16)

    SA, The Knout, 63 - 73, Dec 1835, William A.C. Shand, prob., Signed a British Merchant, Resident in St. Petersburgh. (08/16)

    SA, The Lady -- a Vision, 74 - 78, Dec 1835, Andrew Picken, Signed the late Andrew Picken, author of "The Dominie's Legacy," etc. [verse] (08/16)

    SA, Autographology, 79 - 86, Dec 1835, Unknown, Signed Φ.Δ. (08/16)

    SA, To a Very Young Lady, 87 - 89, Dec 1835, Robert Macnish, Signed a Modern Pythagorean. [verse] (08/16)

    SA, The Press-Gang, 90 - 96, Dec 1835, Unknown (08/16)

    SA, The Pilgrimage of the Bird of Paradise, 97 - 101, Dec 1835, Robert Jackson MacGeorge, Listed in Table of Contents. [verse] (08/16)

    SA, Sir Walter Scott, 102 - 102, Dec 1835, William Weir, prob., This commentary on a following autograph from Sir Walter Scott is likely by the editor, William Weir. (08/16)

    SA, Song (Shall it e'er be forgotten), 103 - 104, Dec 1835, Edward Pinkerton, Signed E. Pinkerton. [verse] (08/16)

    SA, The Stage-Coachman, 105 - 110, Dec 1835, John Reid, Signed John Reid. (08/16)

    SA, A Scene in Italy, 111 - 114, Dec 1835, William Shand Daniel, Signed W.S. Daniel. [verse] (08/16)

    SA, The Birth of Man, 115 - 118, Dec 1835, Unknown, Signed a Rosicrucian. (08/16)

    SA, Ode. -- To the Sickle, 119 - 124, Dec 1835, William Bell Scott, Signed W.B. Scott. [verse] (08/16)

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