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As of May 2019 the Curran Index includes almost 2,700 contributors to Victorian periodicals. Approximately 150 of these entries were developed by Eileen Curran as additions or corrections to the contributor entries in the Wellesley Index. The remaining 2,550 are associated with articles indexed in the Curran Index. Of these, approximately 250 are simply presented as names, with no supporting information. The remaining 2,300 are documented to various degrees through information fields such as life dates, nationality, gender, education, and biographical comments. The biographical comments summarize activities and occupations, key achievements, major writings, and other relevant information.
This screen allows users to categorize and view biographical summary information on user-specified sets of contributors to Victorian periodicals. To see information regarding a single contributor, or several specific contributors, simply select that contributor or those contributors from the Contributors filter.
As a more complex example, select a periodical after clicking on the Periodical filter to generate a list of known contributors to that periodical. To limit the list to women poets, select "female" from the Gender filter and then "verse" from the Article Type filter. Add "Irish" from the Nationality filter to see Irish women poets. If one wants the list to include contributors to more than one periodical, simply select additional periodicals from the Periodical Filter. Note that any or all of these varying filters can be simultaneously used to specify a particular set of contributors. For instance, selecting "Trinity College, Dublin" from the Education filter produces a list of contributors who attended that school.  Now additionally selecting a periodical -- say the Church Quarterly Review -- limits that list to contributors to that journal.
The Birth Year slide filter also limits the displayed information; for example, setting the lower slide box to 1820 and the upper slide box to 1829 limits the display to contributors born in the 1820s. As a further search modifier, to be used individually or in combination with others, the search feature in Search Biographical Comments limit searches by descriptors such as "cleric" or "journalist" in the comments for each contributor. Alternatively, one could, for instance, enter "ODNB" in the search box to only view those contributors included in the Oxford Dictionary of National Bibliography.
A CSV button, shown in green at the bottom of the screen after a list of contributors appears, supports  the export of selected information to your home computer.