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    Abbott, Rev. Thomas Kingsmill (male) 03/26/1829 - 12/18/1913 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Cleric, scholar, and educator; translated Kant's Critique of Practical Reason (1878).

    Abdy, Maria Smith (female) 02/25/1797 - 07/19/1867 English

    A niece of the humorists James and Horace Smith; wrote for the annuals and for the New Monthly Magazine and the Metropolitan Magazine. See Boase I: 3, ODNB.

    Acland, Thomas Dyke (male) 03/29/1787 - 07/22/1871 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Politician and Baronet; friend of Pusey. See Boase I: 11-12, ODNB.

    Acton, John Emerich Edward Dahlberg (male) 01/10/1834 - 06/19/1902 English St. Mary's College, Oscott

    Historian and moralist; born in Naples; proprietor of The Rambler and its successor, The Home and Foreign Review; leader of liberal Catholic movement; friend of Gladstone. See ODNB.

    Adams, Henry Gardiner (male) 1811 - 05/01/1881 English

    Druggist, chemist, naturalist, and author; secretary of Mechanics Institute of Chatham; wrote books about flowers, birds and butterflies; wrote juvenile literature under the pseudonym nemo; edited collections of poetical quotations. See Boase IV: 32.

    Adams, William Bridges (male) 05/26/1797 - 07/23/1872 English

    Railway engineer; manufactured railway vehicles and tracks; wrote technical books and numerous memoirs and articles; wrote radical political pamphlets and for the Monthly Repository in the 1830s. See Boase I: 19, ODNB.

    Albert, Francis Charles, Prince Consort (male) 08/26/1819 - 12/14/1861 German University of Bonn

    Consort of Queen Victoria; managed royal household, supported Great Exhibition of 1851. See Boase I: 38-9, ODNB.

    Alcala Galiano, Antonio (male) 07/22/1789 - 04/11/1865 Spanish

    Spanish politician and writer; went into exile in 1823; professor of Spanish at the new London University.

    Alexander, William (male) 04/13/1824 - 09/12/1911 Irish Exeter College, Oxford

    Archbishop of Armgh; held tractarian views; published theological works and verse. See ODNB.

    Alison, Archibald (male) 12/29/1792 - 05/23/1867 Scottish University of Edinburgh

    Historian and lawyer; wrote at least 50 articles for Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine; noted high Tory, opposed to Parliamentary reform; wrote History of Europe during the French Revolution (1833-1842); attacked Malthus. See Boase I: 47, ODNB.

    Anderson, John (male) 05/23/1805 - 03/25/1855 Scottish University of Edinburgh

    The "Rev. Dr. Anderson" cited in the Calcutta Review is likely the scholarly Church of Scotland missionary John Anderson who was based in Madras; he published the Native Herald, started schools, and wrote. See Boase I: 63, ODNB.

    Armstrong, Edward (male) 03/03/1846 - 04/04/1928 English Exeter College, Oxford

    Teacher and scholar; taught at Rugby, and at Queen's College, Oxford; was leading English authority on the Italian Renaissance and Dante. See ODNB.

    Armstrong, John Rutherford (male) 08/22/1813 - 05/16/1856 English Lincoln College, Oxford

    Bishop of Grahamstown; influenced by Oxford Movement; wrote The Pastor in his Closet (1847), Sermons on the Festivals (1845), Tracts for the Christian Seasons (1848–9, 1849–50), Sermons for the Christian Seasons (1852–3), Tracts for Parochial Use (1852–3), and Parochial Sermons (1854); worked for church penitentiaries. See Boase I: 84-5, ODNB.

    Arnould, Sir Joseph (male) 11/12/1813 - 02/16/1886 English Wadham College, Oxford

    British judge in India and writer; wrote articles for the Daily News; wrote Law of Marine Insurance; promoted study of Mohammaden and Hindu law. See Boase IV: 175, ODNB.

    Ashwell, Arthur Rawson (male) 12/09/1824 - 10/23/1879 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Reverend, Principal of Oxford diocesan training; minister of Holy Trinity Church, Hanover Sq., London; edited the Literary Churchman (1864-1876) and the Church Quarterly Review (1876). See Boase I: 96-7, ODNB.

    Atchley, Edward Godfrey Cuthbert Frederic (male) 1869 - 1945 English

    English surgeon and Anglican liturgical scholar; a member of the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Surgeons. Contributed essays "On English Liturgical Colours" and "Some Remarks on the Edwardian Prayer-Book" to Essays on Ceremonial (London: De La More Press, 1904); wrote The Peoples Prayers (1906), History of the use of incense in Divine Worship (1909).

    Bagehot, Walter (male) 02/03/1826 - 03/24/1877 English University College, London

    Political commentator, economist, and journalist; Unitarian; wrote for The Inquirer, The Economist, and other periodicals; cofounder of the National Review. See Boase I: 123, ODNB.

    Balbo, Count Cesare (male) 11/21/1789 - 06/03/1853 Italian

    Writer and statesman; prime minister of Sardinia.

    Ball, Rev. Charles James (male) 1851 - 1924 English

    University Lecturer in Assyriology, Oxford; Master in Merchant Taylors' School; chaplain of King's College; wrote The New Accadian (1889), Chinese and Sumerian (1913).

    Bandinel, James (male) 1814 - 1893 English Wadham College, Oxford

    Cleric and writer; Rector of Emley; wrote Lufra; or the convent of Algrarve: a poem in eight cantos (1851), Milton Davenant (1852), and other works; wrote for the English Review and Ainsworth's Magazine. See Boase IV: 256, ODNB.

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