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    Austin, Wiltshire Stanton (male) 1826 - 09/07/1875 English Exeter College, Oxford

    Barrister; one of the original contributors to Temple Bar; co-author of The Lives of the Poets-Laureate (1853), edited Weeds from the Isis (1856). See Boase IV: 209.

    Bowker, James (male) English

    Miscellaneous writer; active in 1860s and 1870s; wrote for Chamber's Journal, Temple Bar, Tinsley's Magazine, and other periodicals; wrote Goblin Stories and Fairy Tales of Lancashire (1878); fellow of the Royal Geological Society of Ireland.

    Bradfield, Thomas (male) English

    This Thomas Bradfield must have been born before 1790, and lived to the late 1850s.

    Browne, Charles Thomas (male) 1825 - 10/07/1868 English Trinity College, Dublin

    Born in Somerset, a barrister (Inner Temple) and journalist, died in Basingstoke. See Boase I:443 and Royal Literary Fund case 1759.

    Browne, Richard Charles (male) 1838 - 12/11/1907 English

    In Wellesley as "Lewis Brown." A ‘proprietor’ of the London Institution, Finsbury Circus, living near it on the top floor of 4, Finsbury Circus (‘above a whole nest of companies, and lawyers, and “promoters”’), at least from 1889 also with a ‘cottage’ in Wells, Somerset. Information from letters to Richard Bentley in Bentley Corresp., Univ. Illinois.

    Cameron, Mary Lovett (female) 1848 - 04/20/1930 English

    Wrote a novel 'Twixt Cup and Lip (1874); lived and worked as an artist in St. Ives, Cornwall, wrote travel books about Italy. See Troy J. Bassett, At the Circulating Library,

    Carnsew, Henry (male) 1826 - 1891 English

    Probably the Henry Carnsew, esq., who had ‘an extensive mansion in the Domestic Gothic style in Billingshurst, Sussex (Kelly’s Post Office Directory of …Sussex, 1867), his main address at the end of 1879 was Brussels, from which he sometimes made visits to England. At the same time he was ‘in some measure dependant upon my pen’ (Bentley Corresp., Univ. Illinois).

    Clarke, Charles Cowden (male) 12/15/1787 - 03/13/1877 English

    Bookseller and publisher in London; lectured on Shakespeare and other dramatists and poets; wrote Tales from Chaucer (1833), Shakespeare's Characters (1863), other works; music publisher with Alfred Novello. See Boase I: 631, ODNB.

    Cobbe, Frances Mary Power (female) 1836 - 02/06/1880 Irish

    Daughter of Lieut-General George Cobbe; see Sally Mitchell, VPR 34 (2001), 383-386.

    Cooper, Thomas Henry (male) 1813 - 12/25/1881 English

    Surgeon and botanist; plagiarized catalogue of plants; FRCS. See ODNB.

    Godfrey, Mary Rose (female) 1843 - 1888 English

    Wrote novels Loyal (1872), My Queen (1879), Unspotted from the World (1883); née Headland, Mrs. George William Godfrey.

    Halliday, Andrew (male) 1830 - 04/10/1877 Scottish University of Aberdeen

    Wrote for Morning Chronicle; contributed to Mayhew's London Labour (1851), wrote for All the year round (1861); wrote several successful plays. See Boase I: 1294-5, ODNB.

    Henderson, Frank (male) 1836 - 07/21/1889 Scottish

    Member of Dundee town council, M.P. For Dundee. See Boase V: 630.

    Kempt, R.A. (unknown) unknown

    Kenney, Charles Lamb (male) 04/29/1821 - 08/25/1881 Irish

    Barrister, man of letters; wrote for the Times; secretary to F. De Lesseps 1856-7; adopted more than 20 foreign operas; wrote The Gates of the East (1857), other works. See Boase II: 203, ODNB.

    Kingsford, Anna (female) 09/16/1846 - 02/22/1888 English

    Physician and spiritualist; née Bonus; wrote Beatrice: a Tale of the Early Christians (1863); wrote for the Churchman's Companion, the Penny Post, and Ladies Pictorial; ran Ladies Own Paper; anti-vivisectionist. See Boase II: 234, ODNB.

    Landers, John (male) English

    Of Edinburgh.

    Mudie, Christabel (female) 1856 English

    Daughter of Charles Edward Mudie, of Mudie's Circulating Library.

    Mulley, Jane (female) English

    Translator of fairy tales.

    Parkinson, Joseph Charles (male) 1833 - 10/24/1908 English

    Journalist, civil servant and social reformer.

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