Allen, Charles Manning (male) 06/04/1799 - 12/25/1880 English

    Stuart pretender under alias Charles Edward Stuart. EMC, VPR 26 (1993).

    Allen, John Carter II (male) 1795 - 1872 English

    Stuart pretender; alias John Sobieski Stolberg Stuart. EMC, VPR 26 (1993), 191.

    Harris, Charles (male) 10/19/1817 - 03/01/1889 English

    Army officer East India Co. See Boase I: 1345.

    Norman, Charles Boswell (male) 1846 - 1926 English

    Captain in the Bengal staff corps and 90th Light Infantry; special correspondent of the Times in Asia Minor during the Russo-Turkish war 1877; wrote Tonkin; or, France in the Far East (1884); The Corsairs of France (1887).
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Roe, Susannah (female) 07/10/1818 - 02/13/1887 English

    Born Susannah Moore, married James Elphinstone Roe (who was sent as a convict to Australia); was teacher.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

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