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    Albert, Francis Charles, Prince Consort (male) 08/26/1819 - 12/14/1861 German University of Bonn

    Consort of Queen Victoria; managed royal household, supported Great Exhibition of 1851. See Boase I: 38-9, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Brougham, Henry Peter (male) 09/19/1778 - 05/07/1868 Scottish University of Edinburgh

    Statesman and author; one of the founders of the Edinburgh Review; barrister and M.P.; Lord Chancellor 1830-1834. See Boase I: 426, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Browne, James (male) 1793 - 1841 Scottish King's College, Aberdeen; St. Andrews University

    Newspaper editor and journalist; cleric, lawyer, and schoolmaster; editor of Caledonian Mercury; contributor to Edinburgh Review; wrote on Scottish history. See ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Conder, Francis Roubiliac (male) 1815 - 12/18/1889 English

    British civil engineer and railway contractor; philanthropist and author; wrote The trinity of Italy; or, The pope, the Bourbon, and the victor; being historical revelations of the past, present, and future of Italy (1867), The Child's History of Jerusalem (1874); A Handbook to the Bible (1879).
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Davis, John Chandler Bancroft (male) 12/22/1822 - 12/27/1907 American Harvard University

    Lawyer, judge, diplomat, and president of Newburgh and New York Railway Company; secretary of the American embassy in London; correspondent for The Times. See
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Jeffrey, Francis (male) 10/23/1773 - 01/26/1850 Scottish Queen's College, Oxford; University of Glasgow

    Judge and literary critic; long term editor of Edinburgh Review; M.P. See ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Loch, James (male) 05/07/1780 - 07/05/1855 Scottish

    Barrister and M.P.; wrote Memoirs of George Granville (1834). See Boase II: 465-6, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Parry, Charles Henry (male) 07/03/1779 - 01/21/1860 English University of Edinburgh

    Physician; resided at Bath and at Brighton; wrote of medical experiments (1819), The parliaments and councils of England chronologically arranged (1839). See Boase II: 1361, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Reeve, Henry (male) 09/09/1813 - 10/21/1895 English

    Barrister, contributed to reviews, foreign editor of The Times, editor of the Edinburgh Review; wrote extensively on foreign affairs and foreign history; translated De Tocqueville. See Boase III: 89-90, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Senior, Nassau William (male) 09/26/1790 - 06/04/1864 English Magdalen College, Oxford

    Barrister; professor of political economy at Oxford; member of factory, trade, and poor law commissions; fellow of University of London; wrote many political articles for Edinburgh Review; author of works on political economy, philosophy; wrote Conservations with M. Thiers (1878). See Boase III: 492-3, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Whately, Richard (male) 02/01/1787 - 10/08/1863 English Oriel College, Oxford

    Cleric; Drummond professor of political economy, archbishop of Dublin; president of royal commission on Irish poor; wrote many works on religion, political economy, and other topics. See Boase III: 1295-6, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Wilson, John (male) 05/19/1785 - 04/02/1854 Scottish Magdalen College, Oxford; University of Glasgow

    Writer and scholar; contributed to Blackwood's Magazine under the name Christopher North; professor of moral philosophy at Edinburgh University; wrote The isle of palms and other poems (1812), Lights and shadows of Scottish life (1822), The Foresters (1825), and other works. See Boase III: 1415-6, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

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