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    Anderson, John (male) 05/23/1805 - 03/25/1855 Scottish University of Edinburgh

    The "Rev. Dr. Anderson" cited in the Calcutta Review is likely the scholarly Church of Scotland missionary John Anderson who was based in Madras; he published the Native Herald, started schools, and wrote. See Boase I: 63, ODNB.

    Banerjva, Rev. Krishna Mohan (male) 1813 - 05/11/1885 Indian

    Brahmin, editor of the Inquirer, an English language newspaper; convert to Christianity; ordained cleric. See Robert Hunter, History of the Missions of the Free Church of Scotland in India and Africa (Edinburgh: T. Nelson and Sons, 1873) 64-69.

    Batten, John Hallet (male) 05/05/1811 - 07/14/1886 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Indian administrator; senior assistant to the commissioner, Kumaoon (1828); later commissioner, Kumaoon; wrote Official Reports on the Province of Kumaon (1851). See Boase IV: 307-8.

    Beadon, Sir Cecil (male) 12/22/1816 - 07/18/1880 English

    Administrator in British India, Lieutenant Governor of Bengal 1862-1866. See Boase I: 204, ODNB.

    Broome, Colonel W. A. (male) English

    Soldier; served in India.

    Buyers, Dr. (male) English

    Perhaps the Rev. William Buyers, Missionary at Benares; he wrote Letters on India and Recollections of Northern India (1848).

    Byrne, Wale (male) 1805 - 1855 English

    Advocate for the East Indian community; of mixed parentage; civil servant in Bengal secretariat for 41 years.

    Cotton, Sir Arthur Thomas (male) 05/15/1803 - 07/24/1899 English

    Soldier-engineer in India; 2 lieut. Madras engineers 1820; worked on irrigation projects and dams; wrote on public works in India; knighted 1861. See Boase IV: 768, ODNB.

    Cust, Robert Needham (male) 02/24/1821 - 10/28/1909 English

    East India Company servant and orientalist; held several administrative positions in India; expert in oriental languages; barrister; wrote Modern Languages of the East Indies (1878), Modern Languages of Africa (1883), diaries and letters. See ODNB.

    Duff, Alexander (male) 04/26/1806 - 02/12/1878 Scottish St. Andrews University

    Missionary; arrived in India in 1830; opened English school; edited the Calcutta Review (1845-49); wrote India and India Missions (1840), The Jesuits (1845) and 12 other books. See Boase I: 924, ODNB.

    Dutt, Govind Chundra (male) 1827 Indian

    Bengali English scholar and poet; spent some years in England, Italy, and France; deputy magistrate in Rampore.

    Edwardes, Sir Herbert (male) 11/12/1819 - 12/23/1868 English King's College, London

    Administrator, soldier, and statesman in the Punjab; wrote literary contributions to the Delhi Gazette often critical of British Indian policy; wrote A Year on the Punjab Frontier (1851). See Boase I: 963-4, ODNB.

    Grant, Dr. (male) English

    Heatley, G. T. (male) English

    Perhaps S. G. T. Heatley, Esq., of Delhi, who died in 1857.

    Hutton, William Holden (male) 05/24/1860 - 10/24/1930 English Magdalen College, Oxford

    Historian and cleric; Dean of Winchester; delivered Bampton lectures in 1903; wrote a biography of Richard Wellesley.

    Jones, Lieutenant (male) English

    Kaye, Sir John William (male) 06/30/1814 - 07/24/1876 English

    Military historian; went to India as cadet in 1832; started Calcutta Review (1844); published History of the War in Afghanistan (1851), several histories of India; wrote for Cornhill Magazine. See Boase II: 164-5, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Knighton, William (male) 1834 - 03/31/1900 English University of Glasgow

    Managed school in Columbo, coffee plantation in Ceylon; professor of history and logic at Calcutta University; wrote The History of Ceylon (1845), Forest Live in Ceylon (1854), The Private Life of an Eastern King (1855), other works. See Boase V: 833.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Laurie, William Ferguson Beaton (male) 1819 - 1891 English

    Colonel in the army; served in India; wrote The Second Burmese War (1853), Sketches of Some Distinguished Anglo-Indians (1887).
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Lawrence, Honoria (female) 12/25/1808 - 01/15/1854 Irish

    Born Honoria Marshall; married her cousin Henry Montgomery Lawrence in 1837; recorded her life in India in letters and journals. See ODNB.

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