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    Arnould, Sir Joseph (male) 11/12/1813 - 02/16/1886 English Wadham College, Oxford

    British judge in India and writer; wrote articles for the Daily News; wrote Law of Marine Insurance; promoted study of Mohammaden and Hindu law. See Boase IV: 175, ODNB.

    Atkinson, Joseph Beavington (male) 05/26/1822 - 10/24/1886 English

    Art critic for the Saturday Review beginning in 1865; wrote English Painters of the Present Day (1871), Studies Among the Painters (1874), An Art Tour in the Northern Capitals of Europe (1873), and other works

    Bagehot, Walter (male) 02/03/1826 - 03/24/1877 English University College, London

    Political commentator, economist, and journalist; Unitarian; wrote for The Inquirer, The Economist, and other periodicals; cofounder of the National Review. See Boase I: 123, ODNB.

    Baumann, Arthur Anthony (male) 01/01/1856 - 06/20/1936 Scottish Balliol College, Oxford

    Lawyer, author, newspaper editor, businessman and Conservative Party politician

    Beerbohm, Henry Maximilian (male) 08/24/1872 - 05/20/1956 English

    Essayist, parodist, and caricaturist; drama critic for the Saturday Review; wrote  Zuleika Dobson (1911). See ODNB.

    Bennett, Mary (Saunders) (female) 1813 - 1899 English

    Wife of John Bennett: (1815-1894), publisher, journalist, and novelist. See ODNB under her brother, John Saunders; also RLF cases 1875 (Mary), 1815 (John Bennett). Add to Wellesley death year of 1899.

    Beresford-Hope, Alexander James Beresford (male) 01/25/1820 - 10/20/1887 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    M.P. for Maidstone and for Stoke; partner in Saturday Review; art collector; wrote many books, including Worship in the Church of England (1874); a founder of Church Quarterly Review. See Boase I: 1528-9, ODNB.

    Blakesley, Joseph William (male) 03/06/1808 - 04/18/1885 English Corpus Christi College, Cambridge; Trinity College, Cambridge

    Dean of Lincoln and journalist; member of Apostles club; held living of Ware, Hertfordshire; wrote letters on social and political subjects to The Times; wrote Four Months in Algiers, with a Visit to Carthage (1858); contributed to the Quarterly and Edinburgh reviews. See Boase I: 305, ODNB.

    Bowen, Charles Synge Christopher (male) 01/01/1835 - 04/10/1894 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Jurist and journalist; contributed to Saturday Review; judge of the court of appeal. See Boase IV: 465, ODNB.

    Brodrick, George Charles (male) 05/05/1831 - 11/08/1903 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Oxford historian and writer; wrote for the Times; warden of Merton College, Oxford. Wrote English Land and English Landlords: An Enquiry into the Origin and Characters of the English Land System, with Proposals for its Reform (1881) and many other works. See ODNB.

    Budge, Rev. Edward (male) 1799 - 08/03/1865 English Christ's College, Cambridge

    Theolgian, geologist, and general writer; rector of Bratton Clovelly, Devon; Posthumous Gleanings (1866) included essays he had written for the Saturday Review. See Boase I: 467, ODNB.

    Butler, George (male) 06/11/1819 - 03/14/1890 English Exeter College, Oxford; Trinity College, Cambridge

    Divine and schoolmaster; professor at Durham University; principal of Liverpool College; wrote Principles of Imitative Art (1852). See Boase IV: 562-3, ODNB.

    Campbell, Gertrude Elizabeth (Blood) (female) 1857 - 11/01/1911 Irish

    Correct year of birth in Wellesley. See ODNB.

    Carr, Joseph Comyns (male) 03/02/1849 - 12/12/1916 English University of London

    Drama and art critic, journalist, gallery director, author, poet, playwright and theatre manager; art critic for the Pall Mall Gazette; edited the Illustrated English Magazine. See ODNB.

    Cecil, Lord Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne (male) 02/03/1830 - 08/22/1902 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Conservative politician and Prime Minister; served as Foreign Secretary; wrote extensively for the Quarterly Review and other similar periodicals. See ODNB.

    Chalklen, Charles William (male) 1803 - 01/28/1846 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Divine and poet; wrote Semiramis: An Historical Morality and Other Poems (1847); contributed to the Westminster Review, Blackwood’s Magazine, and Christian Monthly Magazine.

    Church, Richard William (male) 04/25/1815 - 02/10/1890 English Wadham College, Oxford

    Ordained priest 1852; dean of St. Paul's 1871-1890; one of the founders of The Guardian; leading member of High Church party; many books including History of the Oxford Movement. See Boase IV: 662-3, ODNB.

    Clark, John Forbes (male) 07/01/1821 - 1910 English

    Diplomat; 2nd baronet; served in Paris in 1848, Brussels in 1852, and Turin from 1852 to 1855.

    Clark, John Willis (male) 06/24/1833 - 10/10/1910 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Fellow of Trinity, Superintendent of the Cambridge University Museum of Zoology from 1866-1892, and Registrary of the University; Secretary of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society. He was a co-author of Architectural History of the University and Colleges of Cambridge (1886), and wrote other works. See ODNB.

    Clark, William George (male) 03/18/1821 - 11/06/1878 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Fellow of Trinity College from 1844-1878; ordained priest (1854); founder and editor of Journal of Philology (1868); wrote travel works; edited Cambridge Shakespeare. See Boase I: 629, ODNB.

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