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    Adams, Henry Gardiner (male) 1811 - 05/01/1881 English

    Druggist, chemist, naturalist, and author; secretary of Mechanics Institute of Chatham; wrote books about flowers, birds and butterflies; wrote juvenile literature under the pseudonym nemo; edited collections of poetical quotations. See Boase IV: 32.

    Allingham, William (male) 03/19/1824 - 11/18/1889 Irish

    Poet, diarist, and editor; customs clerk; editor of Fraser's Magazine 1874-9; wrote Poems (1850), Peace and War, an ode (1854), many other works of poetry and songs. See Boase IV: 97-8, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Aspinall, Rev. George (male) English

    Cleric and poet; born in Liverpool, Curate of St. Matthias, wrote Florence Ray.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Barmby, John Goodwyn (male) 10/24/1820 - 10/18/1881 English

    Utopian socialist, poet, and journalist; supporter of Robert Own and radical Unitarian; founded the Communist Chronicle; edited The Promethean; wrote The Poetry of Home and Childhood (1853) and other works. See, Boase I: 169-70, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Bennett, William Cox (male) 10/14/1820 - 03/04/1895 English

    Supported educational programs, wrote for newspapers, and songwriter; on staff of the Weekly Dispatch; wrote The Worn Wedding-Ring and other Poems (1861), Baby May: Home Poems and Ballads (1875), and other volumes of poetry. See Boase IV: 363, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Bennoch, Francis (male) 06/25/1812 - 06/28/1890 Scottish

    Head of a wholesale silk business; London city councilman; wrote The Storm, and other Poems (1841), Sir Ralph de Rayne and Lilian Grey (1872), Poems, lyrics, songs and sonnets (1877). See Boase IV: 364-5.

    Bliss, Henry (male) 1797 - 07/31/1873 Canadian King's College, Windsor, Nova Scotia

    Author, lawyer, and provincial agent; went to England in 1824; admitted to English Bar and served as Queen's Counsel; wrote pamphlets on colonial questions; wrote verse plays State trials (1838); Cicero; a drama (1846); Philip the second; a tragedy (1849) and others under the pseudonym Nicholas Thirning Moile. See Boase I: 313, Dictionary of Canadian Biography,

    Botta, Anne Charlotte (Lynch) (female) 11/11/1815 - 03/23/1891 English

    Poet and journalist; daughter of an Irishman who was banished for rebellion; edited the Rhode Island Book; lived in New York; her collected poems was published in 1848; wrote Handbook of Universal Literature (1860).

    Bowring, Sir John (male) 10/17/1792 - 11/23/1872 English

    Editor of Westminster Review, M.P., sent on diplomatic and commercial missions. Considered a great linguist. Published volumes of translated poems, travel books, tales and sketches. See Boase I: 362, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Boyle, Sarah Roberts (female) 07/26/1812 - 03/16/1869 American

    Poet; of Portsmouth, New Hampshire; wrote "The Voice of the Grass."

    Campbell, Robert Calder (male) 1798 - 05/13/1857 English

    A soldier, he joined the army in 1818 and retired as a Major in 1839. He published volumes of poems, novels, and a record of his life as a soldier. See Boase I: 534, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Chambers, Robert (male) 07/10/1802 - 03/17/1871 Scottish

    Publisher and author; partner with his brother William as publishers; wrote Traditions of Edinburgh (1823), History of the Rebellion of 1845 (1828), and other works. See Boase I: 587, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Child, Lydia Maria (Francis) (female) 02/11/1802 - 10/20/1880 American

    Women's right activist, abolitionist, journalist, and novelist; wrote the poem "Over the River and Through the Wood"; founded the Juvenile Miscellany; wrote The Frugal Housewife (1829); editor of the National Anti-Slavery Standard.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Chorley, Henry Fothergill (male) 12/15/1808 - 02/16/1872 English

    Reviewer and music critic for the Athenaeum, wrote Memorials of Mrs. Hemans (1836), Modern German Music, other works. See Boase I: 614, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Clapp, Henry (male) 1814 - 04/10/1875 American

    Editor, journalist, poet, reformer, translator; early involved in temperance movement and pro socialist; later cultivated an American bohemia; editor of Saturday Press; published and promoted Whitman.

    Collins, Edward James Mortimer (male) 06/29/1827 - 07/28/1876 English

    Poet, editor, author, and schoolmaster; contributed to Dublin University Magazine and Punch; editor of several newspapers; wrote Windermere a poem and sonnets (1848), Idylls and Rhymes (1855), and many other works. See Boase I: 679-80, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Cooper, George (male) unknown

    Cooper, Thomas (male) 03/20/1805 - 07/15/1892 English

    Chartist poet and journalist; wrote for Leicestershire Mercury; wrote The Purgatory of Suicides (1845) while in prison; lectured in defense of Christianity. See Boase IV: 749-50, ODNB.

    Cunningham, Allan (male) 12/07/1784 - 10/29/1842 Scottish

    Poet and songwriter; born in Scotland; Songs, Chiefly in the Rural Language of Scotland (1813); wrote for the Athenaeum, wrote a biography of Burns. See ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Dickson, James (male) English

    Of Birkenhead.

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