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    Allingham, William (male) 03/19/1824 - 11/18/1889 Irish

    Poet, diarist, and editor; customs clerk; editor of Fraser's Magazine 1874-9; wrote Poems (1850), Peace and War, an ode (1854), many other works of poetry and songs. See Boase IV: 97-8, ODNB.

    Angus, Joseph (male) 1816 - 1902 unknown

    Baptist divine; wrote on Egyptian history and biblical subjects.

    Birch, Samuel (male) 11/03/1813 - 12/27/1885 English

    Leading Egyptologist; keeper of the Oriental Medieval and British antiquities at the British Museum; wrote works on antiquities, hieroglyphics, ancient pottery, etc. See Boase I: 283, ODNB.

    Bowring, Sir John (male) 10/17/1792 - 11/23/1872 English

    Editor of Westminster Review, M.P., sent on diplomatic and commercial missions. Considered a great linguist. Published volumes of translated poems, travel books, tales and sketches. See Boase I: 362, ODNB.

    Brown, Charles Armitage (male) 04/14/1787 - 06/05/1842 English

    Member of Keats circle and associate of Charles Dilke; published his own and Keat's poems in New Monthly Magazine. See ODNB.

    Browning, Elizabeth Barrett (female) 03/06/1806 - 06/29/1861 English

    Born Elizabeth Barrett, married Robert Browning, author of many poems including Aurora Leigh, lived many years in Florence. See Boase I: 447, ODNB.

    Chorley, Henry Fothergill (male) 12/15/1808 - 02/16/1872 English

    Reviewer and music critic for the Athenaeum, wrote Memorials of Mrs. Hemans (1836), Modern German Music, other works. See Boase I: 614, ODNB.

    Costello, Dudley (male) 1803 - 09/30/1865 Irish

    Contributed to many periodicals from 1835 to his death, foreign correspondent for newspapers, wrote travel books. See Boase I: 725, ODNB.

    Cunningham, Peter (male) 04/01/1816 - 05/18/1869 English Christ's Hospital, London

    Art critic of Pictorial Times; author of Songs of England and Scotland (1835); wrote The Handbook of London (1849); edited many books. See Boase I: 787, ODNB.

    Doran, John (male) 03/11/1807 - 01/25/1878 English

    Journalist and miscellaneous writer; wrote for the Literary Chronicle and the Athenaeum; edited the Church and State Gazette and Notes and Queries; wrote Lives of the Queens of England of the House of Hanover (1855), Annals of the English Stage from T. Betterton to E. Kean (1864) and other works. See Boase I: 898, ODNB.

    Finlay, George (male) 12/21/1799 - 01/26/1875 Scottish University of Glasgow; University of Gottingen

    Historian; lived in Greece as correspondent of the London Times; wrote A History of Greece from Its Conquest by the Romans to the Present Times. See Boase I: 1048-9, ODNB.

    Green, John Richard (male) 12/12/1837 - 03/07/1883 English Magdalen College, Oxford; Jesus College, Oxford

    Historian and cleric; curate of Holy Trinity, Hoxton; wrote A Short History of the English People (1874) and other works; contributed to the Saturday Review. See Boase I: 1225, ODNB.

    Heraud, John Abraham (male) 05/07/1799 - 04/20/1887 English

    Edited The Sunbeam, the Monthly Magazine (1839-1842); contributed to Fraser's Magazine, Athenaeum, Illustrated London News; wrote plays, histories, other works. See Boase I: 1437, ODNB.

    Hervey, Eleanora Louisa Montagu (female) 11/16/1811 - 1903 English

    Wrote The bard of the sea-kings: a legend of Kingley-vale with other poems (1833), Edith of Graystock (1833). See Minor British Poets: Part I, The Romantic Period, 1789-1839, University of California at Davis.

    Hervey, Thomas Kibble (male) 02/04/1799 - 02/27/1859 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Poet, critic, and journalist; edited Friendship's Offering, the Amaranth, and the Athenaeum; wrote Australia with other poems (1824), The Poetical Sketch Book (1829), other works. See Boase I: 1451, ODNB.

    Lamb, Charles (male) 02/10/1775 - 12/27/1834 English

    Essayist; clerk for East India Company; wrote for newspapers; wrote poetry; friend of Coleridge and Hazlitt; famous essays as 'Elia" for London Magazine. See ODNB.

    Ollier, Edmund (male) 11/26/1826 - 04/19/1886 English

    Editor and writer; wrote for Ainsworth's Magazine, the Athenaeum, All the Year Round, and Household Words; on staff at the Daily News; wrote Poems from the Greek Mythology (1867) and works on history and on painting; editor of The Atlas and other periodicals. See Boase II: 1240-1, ODNB.

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