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    Coleridge, Edith (female) 1832 - 1911 English

    Daughter of Sara Coleridge. Earl Leslie Griggs gives her birth date as 2 July 1832 (Coleridge Fille. A biography of Sara Coleridge [London: Oxford U. P., 1940], 74). Bradford K. Mudge first followed the July 1832 dating (Sara Coleridge, A Victorian daughter [New Haven & London: Yale UP, 1989], 56) but more recently has moved her birth back to July 1831 (ODNB under her mother, Sara Coleridge). While 1831 is possible, 1832 seems the likelier year of birth. Her brother Herbert had been born on 7 Oct. 1830; the obituary notice in The Times, 27 Jan. 1911, p. 13, col. C, gave her age at death on 24 Jan. 1911 as 78, supporting 1832 as the year of birth.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

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