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    Humphreys, Eliza Margaret Jane (Gollan) (female) 06/14/1850 - 01/01/1938 English

    Expand 3rd given name to Jane. The ODNB gives her year of birth as 1850; there is general agreement that the birth day was 14 June, but Humphreys either was unsure of the year or deliberately created doubts. When she first applied for RLF assistance (case 3016), on 11 June 1916, less than a week before a birthday, she gave her age as 58, making her birth year 1857, but she separately gave her birth year as 1862, or was it 1860? She scratched over the numbers, making them difficult to decipher. Applying again a year later, on 26 July 1917, after her birthday, she said she was 62. This would make 1855 the year of birth, but she gave 1856 (probably; the date is again difficult to read). Even her treatment of her name is strange. After various permutations, her signature on letters and receipts became 'Rita L. Humphreys'-her pseudonym plus an inexplicable initial plus her married surname.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

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