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    Millingen, John Gideon (male) 1782 - 06/07/1849 English

    Died 7 June 1849 (death certificate). While 1782 remains the preferred year of birth, some confusion still surrounds this date. The d.cert. gives his age at death as 65, producing a d.o.b. of 1785; however, ages were sometimes rounded off. In 1862 his daughter, Letitia Millingen, told the RLF (case 1597) that her father was born in 1783, but she is vague even about her own age, which she gives as ‘about 48.’ For the only contemporary record of his d.o.b., see W.C.B., ‘English Freemasons in France, 1817,’ N&Q, 8 Nov. 1890, 384, which prints an 1817 list of the members of the Masonic lodge of St. Fréderick des Amis Choisis, Boulogne, most of them English military personnel ‘in cantonment’ nearby (Millingen was a military surgeon). This gives his dob. as 8 Sept. 1782, making him 66 at death. See ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

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