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    Abdy, Maria Smith (female) 02/25/1797 - 07/19/1867 English

    A niece of the humorists James and Horace Smith; wrote for the annuals and for the New Monthly Magazine and the Metropolitan Magazine. See Boase I: 3, ODNB.

    Acland, Miss (female) unknown

    Acton, Eliza (female) 04/17/1799 - 02/13/1859 English

    Poet and cookery writer; published Poems (1826), Modern Cookery in all its Branches (1845), other works. See Boase I: 12, ODNB.

    Acton, Rose (female) 1824 English

    Her father was a solicitor in Lincolnshire who went insane; coauthor of Poems (1846) by Harriet and Rose Acton; published verse in Irish newspapers. See RLF Application 1170.

    Adams, Sarah Fuller Flower (female) 02/22/1805 - 08/14/1848 English

    Poet, actress, and radical; associated with William Johnson Fox; married William Bridges Adams; wrote Vivia Perpetua, a Dramatic Poem (1841); contributed to Westminster Review; advocate for women and working class; wrote hymns including "Nearer, my God, to Thee." See ODNB.

    Ady, Julia Mary (Cartwright) (female) 11/07/1851 - 04/28/1924 English

    Biographer and art critic; regular contributor to the Monthly Packet; wrote novels for the SPCK; wife of Henry Ady; see ODNB under Cartwright, Julia Mary.

    Aguilar, Grace (female) 06/02/1816 - 09/16/1847 English

    Novelist of Jewish origin; wrote religious works and poems; wrote novels Home Influence (1847) and A Mother's Recompense (1850), and other works. See ODNB.

    Alexander, Cecil Frances (Humphreys) (female) 1818 - 10/12/1895 Irish

    Hymn writer and poet on religious subjects; married William Alexander, the rector of Termonamongan in Derry, in 1850; wrote The Baron's Little Daughter and Other Tales (1848). See Boase IV: 72, ODNB.

    Allard, Léonide (female) French

    Novelist and poet; mother of Julia Allard (born 1844) who became the wife of Alphonse Daudet.

    Amos, Sarah McLardie (Bunting) (female) 1840 - 01/21/1908 English

    Superintendent of the Working Women's College in London; wife of Sheldon Amos; political activist. See ODNB.

    Arnold, Ethel Margaret (female) 1864 - 1930 English

    Journalist, author, and lecturer on female suffrage; daughter of Thomas Arnold, Jr., miscellaneous writer. See ODNB.

    Ashwell, Frances Elizabeth (female) 1862 - 1930 English

    Of Nottingham. At Girton College 1884-1887; secretary, Women's Trade Union Council 1896-1902. In 1901 married Arthur Cooke. Death year was 1930 or 1931. Thanks to Dr. Kate Perry, Archivist, Girton College, for this information.

    Austin, Sarah (Taylor) (female) 04/01/1793 - 08/08/1867 English

    Translator of works from German; worked for several periodicals; translated Ranke's History of the Popes of Rome; wrote Germany from 1760 to 1814 (1854). See Boase I: 190, ODNB.

    Aylmer, Isabella E. (Darling) (female) ? - 12/27/1908 New Zealand

    Married Captain Fenton John Aylmer on June 9, 1857; was widowed on April 9, 1862; wrote Distant Homes: Or the Graham Family in New Zealand (1862).

    Baillie, Joanna (female) 09/11/1762 - 02/23/1851 Scottish

    A poet and dramatist who was very well regarded by her contemporaries. See Boase I: 129, ODNB.

    Bairn, Mrs. (female) English

    OAW account book shows an address of Saint-Hope, Bothwell.

    Banks, Elizabeth L. (female) 1870 - 1938 American

    Journalist; Add to Wellesley: Born 1870. See Campaigns of Curiosity. Journalistic Adventures of an American Girl in Late Victorian London, Elizabeth L. Banks, intro. Mary Suzanne Schriber and Abbey Zink (Madison, Wisc.: U. Wisc. P., 2003).

    Barwell [née Bacon], Louisa Mary (female) 03/04/1800 - 02/02/1885 English

    Writer on education; daughter of Richard Mackenzie Bacon, q.v. Of Norwich. Her sons were educated at Hofwyl. See Boase I: 188-189, ODNB.

    Beale, Ann (female) 1831 - 04/17/1900 English

    Writer; wrote Poems (1842), The Vale of the Towey (1844) and about 20 other novels; wrote for The Girl's Own Paper and The Quiver. See Boase IV: 321.

    Beardmore, Miss (female) unknown

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