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    Aldridge, R.W. (unknown) unknown

    André, P.F. (unknown) English

    Journalist active in the 1860s; wrote for Victoria Magazine and Weldon's Register.

    Andrews, E. J. (unknown) unknown

    Armedroz, H. F. (unknown) unknown

    Barnard, F. (unknown) unknown

    Bennett, M.G. (unknown) unknown

    Borradaille, C. (unknown) unknown

    Boughton, W.H. (unknown) unknown

    Brooks, J. W. (unknown) English


    Brown, J.K. (unknown) unknown

    Browne, J.A. (unknown) unknown

    Bruce, W. (unknown) unknown

    Carey, J.C. (unknown) unknown

    Clarence, L.B. (unknown) unknown

    Cross, J. N. (unknown) unknown

    Davis, Corsely (unknown) unknown

    Dunarchi, G. (unknown) unknown

    Dykes, F. (unknown) unknown

    Farish, D. (unknown) English

    A village teacher.

    Farrow, T. (unknown) unknown

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