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    Aldridge, R.W. (unknown) unknown

    Andrews, E. J. (unknown) unknown

    Baddeley (unknown) unknown

    Contributor to Punch?

    Barnard, F. (unknown) unknown

    Baxter (unknown) unknown

    Contributor to Punch?

    Bennett, M.G. (unknown) unknown

    Boughton, W.H. (unknown) unknown

    Brooks, J. W. (unknown) English


    Brown, J.K. (unknown) unknown

    Browne, J.A. (unknown) unknown

    Bruce, W. (unknown) unknown

    Buckle, H. O. (unknown) unknown

    Reviewed novels for the Athenaeum from 1888 to 1898.

    Burnand, H. (unknown) unknown

    Contributed to Punch in 1898.

    Candy (unknown) unknown

    Reviewed novels in the Athenaeum  1871-1873.

    Carey, J.C. (unknown) unknown

    Clarence, L.B. (unknown) unknown

    Colenso (unknown) unknown

    Contributed to Punch in 1900.

    Cross, J. N. (unknown) unknown

    Davis, Corsely (unknown) unknown

    Dickson (unknown) unknown

    Contributor to Punch?

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