Allen, Charles Grant Blarfindie (male) 02/24/1848 - 10/25/1899 Canadian Merton College, Oxford

    Science writer and novelist; supporter of evolution; wrote Flowers and Their Pedigrees (1886) and other scientific works; wrote The Woman Who Did (1895) and other novels
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Bliss, Henry (male) 1797 - 07/31/1873 Canadian King's College, Windsor, Nova Scotia

    Author, lawyer, and provincial agent; went to England in 1824; admitted to English Bar and served as Queen's Counsel; wrote pamphlets on colonial questions; wrote verse plays State trials (1838); Cicero; a drama (1846); Philip the second; a tragedy (1849) and others under the pseudonym Nicholas Thirning Moile. See Boase I: 313, Dictionary of Canadian Biography,

    Bockus, Charles Edwin (male) 09/02/1834 - 01/11/1901 Canadian Magill University

    At least two  "C. E. Bockus's" exist that might have written for Once a Week. Levana Taylor suggests that the most probable is Charles Edwin Bockus, a Canadian who emigrated to the US, was a Boston businessman, and wrote for the Boston Herald.

    Duncan, Sara Jeannette (female) 12/22/1861 - 07/22/1922 Canadian

    Novelist and journalist; wrote articles for Canadian and US newspapers; wrote A Social Departure: how Orthodocia and I Went Around the World by Ourselves (1890), A Daughter of Today (1894), An American Girl in London (1891), and other works. See ODNB.

    MacDonald Moreton, A. H. (male) 1804 - 1855 Canadian

    Nova Scotia barrister.

    McDougall, Alexander (male) 1804 - 1855 Canadian

    Nova Scotia barrister.

    Munro, Georgina C. (female) 1825 - 1854 Canadian

    Author of De Montfort: or, the Old English Nobleman( 1842); Charles Harcourt: or, the Adventures of a Legatee (1843); The Voyage of Life: A Tale of the Land and Ocean (1844); The White Rose of the Huron (1852). See Valerie Letcher, "Two Writing Lives" English in Africa 37.2 (October 2010): 111.

    Munro, Isabella (female) 1827 - 1875 Canadian

    Sister of Georgina C. Munro; wrote about colonial life in Canada; See Valerie Letcher, "Two Writing Lives" English in Africa 37.2 (October 2010): 111.

    Murray, George (male) 03/23/1830 - 03/13/1910 Canadian King's College, London

    Educator, poet, and journalist; awarded Lusby scholarship at Oxford; went to Canada in 1859 and was senior classical master at Montreal High School; contributed to Canadian press and published Verses and Versions (1891); edited "Notes and Queries: for the Montreal Star.

    Parker, Sir Horatio Gilbert George (male) 1860 - 09/06/1932 Canadian University of Toronto

    Novelist and politician; Correct date of birth: born 1860, not 1862. Wellesley, following the DNB, gave 1862 as Sir Gilbert’s year of birth; however, John Coldwell Adams, Seated with the Mighty. A biography of Sir Gilbert Parker (Ottawa, Canada: Borealis Press, 1979), based on careful research and archival sources, corrects this to 1860, as do Elizabeth Waterston, Gilbert Parker (1860-1932) (Toronto: ECW Press, n.d. but after 1986) and the ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Richardson, John (male) 1797 - 1852 Canadian

    Author; served in Canadian militia and fought in Carlist War; wrote Journal of the Movements of the British Legion (1836); Times correspondent in Canada; published Canadian periodicals. See ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Tremlett, Rev. Francis William (male) 1821 - 1913 Canadian

    Founder and first vicar of St. Peter’s Church in Belsize Park, London; born in Newfoundland / Labrador, Canada of English parents and emigrated to Massachusetts, before settling permanently in London.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Wilby, George Robbins (male) ? - 1868 Canadian

    Graduated from Acadia college (a Baptist school in Nova Scotia) in 1844; went to India about 2 years later; became assistant editor of the Friends of India newspaper.

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