Allard, Léonide (female) French

    Novelist and poet; mother of Julia Allard (born 1844) who became the wife of Alphonse Daudet.

    Besson, Leon (male) French

    Translator and officer in the French navy.

    Capefigue, Jean Baptiste (male) 1801 - 1872 French Historian and biographer.

    Chatelain, Jean Baptiste Francois Ernest (male) 01/19/1801 - 08/15/1881 French

    Published papers in England and France; author of Rambles through Rome (1852) and many other works; translated many poems. See Boase I: 598, ODNB.

    Coquerel, Charles (male) 12/02/1822 - 04/12/1867 French

    Navy surgeon and entomologist.

    D'Arlincourt, Le Vicomte (male) 09/26/1788 - 01/22/1856 French

    Novelist, dramatist, and poet; called "the prince of the romantics"; his most famous novel, Le Solitaire, appeared in 1821.

    de Girardin, Madame Emile (female) 01/24/1804 - 06/29/1855 French

    Writer; née Delphine Gay, married Emile de Giradin in 1831; pen name Vicomte Delaunay, wrote poetry, romances, and dramatic pieces.

    de Lamartine, Alphonse (male) 10/21/1790 - 02/28/1869 French

    Writer, poet, and politician; wrote Les Méditations Poétiques (1820); Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1848.

    de Mortemart, Baron (male) 03/20/1787 - 01/01/1875 French

    Soldier, diplomat, and political figure.

    de Niroy, Jules (male) French

    de Verdun, Antoine Vinaty (male) French

    Degeorge, Frederic (male) 09/12/1797 - 07/22/1854 French

    Politician; soldier and law student in Paris.

    Desainteville, Alexandre Dumenil (male) 1797 French

    Still alive in 1848; living in London.

    du Maurier, George (male) 03/06/1834 - 10/08/1896 French

    Cartoonist and author; best known for his drawings for Punch; illustrated other periodicals including Cornhill Magazine, Good Words, and The Illustrated Times; wrote three novels including Trilby (1894). See Boase V: 164-5, ODNB.

    Dumas, Alexandre (fils) (male) 07/27/1824 - 11/27/1895 French


    Guizot, François (male) 10/04/1787 - 10/12/1874 French

    Orator, historian, and statesman; was ambassador to England (1840), Foreign Minister, and Prime Minister (1847-48).

    Sand, George (female) 07/01/1804 - 06/08/1876 French

    Novelist; née Amantine Lucile Dupin; married Francois Dudevant; know for her romantic affairs as well as her novels.

    Sue, Joseph Marie Eugene (male) 01/20/1804 - 08/03/1857 French

    Novelist; wrote Les Mysteres de Paris and other works.

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