Albert, Francis Charles, Prince Consort (male) 08/26/1819 - 12/14/1861 German University of Bonn

    Consort of Queen Victoria; managed royal household, supported Great Exhibition of 1851. See Boase I: 38-9, ODNB.

    Biber, George Edward (male) 09/04/1801 - 01/19/1874 German

    Writer and cleric; born in Germany but naturalized by vote of parliament; vicar of Holy Trinity, Roehampton; wrote for the English Review, the Churchman's Magazine, the Literary Churchman; edited John Bull. See Boase I: 269, ODNB.

    Egestorff, George Henry [Christian] (male) 05/23/1783 German

    Translator, musician, teacher. Alive in May 1866. See Cyrus Redding, Personal Reminiscences of Eminent Men.

    Garnier, Joseph Heinrich (male) 1800 - 1855 German

    Refugee living in London; Wellesley lists as "Garnier, J.H." without life dates; 1800 is estimated birth year. O’Grady, VPR 24 (1991), 150.

    Gumpach, Johannes von (male) 1819 - 1875 German

    Living in 1865; deceased by 1876; naturalized in 1857. EMC, VPR 34 (2001), 354-355.

    Haas, James D. (male) German

    Teacher in Glasgow; translated works by Pichler, Zschokke, Kohlrausch, others; active 1820s – 1850s. See BL: James D. Haas.

    Julius, Nikolaus Heinrich (male) 10/03/1773 - 08/20/1862 German University of Heidelberg

    Physician and prison reformer; reformed the prison system in Prussia and worked as a writer. See

    Michelson, Dr. Edward (male) 1795 - 06/24/1870 German

    Originally named Michalowitz; see RLF # 888; born in Dresden; lived in USA and England; wrote The Ottoman Empire and its Resources (1853), England Since the Accession of Queen Victoria (1854) and other works of history. See Boase VI: 203-4.

    Muhlenfels, Ludwig von (male) 09/05/1793 - 06/14/1861 German University of Greifswald; University of Heidelberg

    Jurist and literary historian; professor of German and Nordic language at the University of London 1828-9.

    Müller, Friedrich Max (male) 12/06/1823 - 1900 German University of Leipzig

    Orientalist and philologist; settled in England in 1848; Sanskrit scholar; professor of modern languages at Oxford. See ODNB.

    Ravenstein, Ernst Georg (male) 12/30/1834 - 03/13/1913 German

    Writer; born in Frankfurt, emigrated to London in 1852; cartographer; wrote a work on Russian exploration; published on gymnastics. See ODNB.

    Rosen, Friedrich August (male) 09/02/1805 - 09/12/1837 German University of Leipzig

    Orientalist and Sanskrit scholar; taught at University College of London; remarkable linguist; worked on a Latin translation of the Rigveda. See ODNB.

    Steinkopff, Rev. Dr. Charles Frederick Adolphus (male) 09/07/1773 - 05/29/1859 German

    Pastor of the German Lutheran Chapel in the Savoy; secretary of the British and Foreign Bible Society.

    Wehrhan, Augustus Henry (male) 1821 German

    Amend Wellesley's entry to read: Born 1821 in Hanover; from 1846 taught music and modern languages in various British cities; still living in 1858, in which year he stole Octavian Blewitt's new silk umbrella. RLF case 1412; dead before 1878.

    Wenckstern, Otto von (male) 04/25/1819 - 08/05/1869 German University of Bonn

    Journalist; language teacher of English and Italian in Elberfeld; translated works of Charles Dickens into German; wrote articles supporting Polish freedom from Russia; moved to London in 1846; wrote for The Times; war correspondent during Crimean War; emigrated to Trinidad in 1864.

    Wurm, Christian Friedrich Ludwig (male) 04/03/1803 - 02/02/1859 German Tubingen

    Historian, journalist, school teacher, and politician; lectured on German literature in London (1826); edited English language newspaper in Hamburg; worked for political reform; wrote The trade policy of the Hanseatic cities and the interests of the German fatherland (1839 ) and other works.

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