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    Acland, Miss (female) unknown

    Aldridge, R.W. (unknown) unknown

    Andrews, E. J. (unknown) unknown

    Armedroz, H. F. (unknown) unknown

    Atkinson, C.S. (male) unknown

    Atkinson, Ernest George (male) 1869 - 1955 unknown

    Worked in Public Record Office; editor of various Calendars of State Papers relating to Ireland during the reign of Elizabeth

    Auber, Rev. Charles (male) unknown

    Aubrey, William Hickman Smith (male) 1836 - 02/10/1916 unknown

    Journalist; wrote The National and Domestic History of England (1867), The Rise and Growth of the English Nation(1896), and other works. (Various sources give his birth year as 1835, 1836, 1848, 1853, and 1858).
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Bailey, Walker (male) unknown

    Bain, Robert Nisbet (male) 1854 - 1900 unknown

    Historian and linguist; worked for British Museum; contributed to to the Encyclopædia Britannica; wrote The daughter of Peter the Great. A history of Russian diplomacy (1899) and other works.

    Baker, John (male) unknown

    Barnard, F. (unknown) unknown

    Bateson, Mary (female) 1865 - 1906 unknown

    Medieval historian.

    Beardmore, Miss (female) unknown

    Belfast, Ferguson (male) unknown

    Bell, Francis Jeffrey (male) 01/26/1855 - 04/01/1924 unknown Magdalen College, Oxford

    Zoologist;  worked at British Museum (Natural History), and was also a professor of comparative anatomy at King's College; wrote Manual of Comparative Anatomy and Physiology

    Bendall, Cecil (male) 07/01/1856 - 03/14/1906 unknown Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge

    Professor of Sanskrit at University College, London, and at Cambridge; worked in Department of Oriental Manuscripts at British Museum. See ODNB.

    Bennett, M.G. (unknown) unknown

    Bertoni, Bianca (female) unknown

    Bird, John (male) unknown

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