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    Carr, Joseph Comyns (male) 03/02/1849 - 12/12/1916 English University of London

    Drama and art critic, journalist, gallery director, author, poet, playwright and theatre manager; art critic for the Pall Mall Gazette; edited the Illustrated English Magazine. See ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Chapman, Rev. Charles (male) 1828 - 1922 English University of London

    Congregational pastor of Percy Church, Bath; wrote theological works.

    Cooke, William Henry (male) 01/18/1843 - 01/15/1921 English University of London

    Barrister and journalist; called to the Bar in 1867; contributed to many magazines and newspapers; London Correspondent of the Indian Daily News; Secretary to the Chamber of Shipping of the United Kingdom.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Flight, Walter (male) 1844 - 11/06/1885 German University of London

    Chemist; worked in the Mineralogical Department of the British Museum; fellow of the Royal Society.

    Lynn, William Thynne (male) 1835 - 1911 unknown University of London

    Astronomer; worked at Royal Observatory in Greenwich; wrpte many books.

    MacColl, Hugh (male) 01/11/1837 - 12/27/1909 Scottish University of London

    Teacher and mathematician; lived in France from 1865; published many papers including "The Calculus of Equivalent Statements" in the Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society; wrote two novels Mr. Stranger's Sealed Packet (1889) and Ednor Whitlock (1891).

    Moseley, Henry Nottidge (male) 11/14/1844 - 11/10/1881 English Exeter College, Oxford; University of London

    Naturalist; sailed on H.M.S. Challenger;  taught at University of London and at Merton College, Oxford; wrote Notes by a Naturalist on the Challenger (1879) and other works.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Prout, Ebenezer (male) 03/01/1835 - 12/05/1909 English University of London

    Musical theorist, writer, teacher and composer; editor of the Monthly Musical Record.

    Shedlock, John South (male) 1843 - 1919 English University of London

    Teacher, pianist and music critic.

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