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    Alford, Rev. Charles (male) ? - 1869 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Rector of West Quantoxhead, Somerset, 1814-1869.

    Arnold, Matthew (male) 12/24/1822 - 04/15/1888 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Famous poet and critic; wrote volumes of poems in 1853, 1854; Essays in Criticism (1867), many other works. See Boase IV: 171-2, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Baumann, Arthur Anthony (male) 01/01/1856 - 06/20/1936 Scottish Balliol College, Oxford

    Lawyer, author, newspaper editor, businessman and Conservative Party politician
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Birch, William John (male) 01/04/1811 - 1863 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Barrister; wrote The Real and the Ideal (1840), An Inquiry into Shakespeare (1848), religious books. See Boase IV: 405.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Bodley, John Edward Courtenay (male) 06/06/1853 - 05/28/1925 unknown Balliol College, Oxford

    Secretary to Charles Wentworth Dilke; wrote L'Anglomanie et les Traditions Françaises (1899), The Church In France (1906), and other works.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Bowen, Charles Synge Christopher (male) 01/01/1835 - 04/10/1894 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Jurist and journalist; contributed to Saturday Review; judge of the court of appeal. See Boase IV: 465, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Brodrick, George Charles (male) 05/05/1831 - 11/08/1903 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Oxford historian and writer; wrote for the Times; warden of Merton College, Oxford. Wrote English Land and English Landlords: An Enquiry into the Origin and Characters of the English Land System, with Proposals for its Reform (1881) and many other works. See ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Clough, Arthur Hugh (male) 01/01/1819 - 11/13/1861 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Scholar and poet; fellow of Oriel college, professor of English language and literature at University College, London; wrote the Bothie of Toperna-Fuosich (1848), a translation of Plutarch's Lives (1859); his wife published Poems and Prose Remains of A. H. Clough (1869). See Boase I: 654-5, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Coleridge, John Duke (male) 12/03/1820 - 06/14/1894 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Lawyer, judge, and politician; Lord Chief Justice of England. See Boase IV: 711-2, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Collins, John Churton (male) 03/26/1848 - 09/25/1908 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Journalist, essayist and lecturer; wrote Sir Joshua Reynolds (1874), published volumes on Bolingbroke and Voltaire (1886), and other works; contributed to the principal reviews. See ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Elton, Charles Isaac (male) 12/06/1839 - 04/23/1900 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Barrister, antiquary, and politician; M.P. For West Somerset; wrote Norway: the Road and the Fell (1864), A Treatise on the Law of Copyholds and Customary Tenures of Land (1874), Origins of English History (1882) and other works. See Boase V: 229, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Faber, Frederick William (male) 06/28/1814 - 09/26/1863 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Cleric; entered Roman Catholic church in 1845; edited The Saints and Servants of God; wrote The Cherwell Water Lily and Other Poems (1840) and many other books. See Boase I: 1012, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Firth, Charles Harding (male) 03/16/1857 - 02/19/1936 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Historian; professor of modern history at Oxford; studied English Civil War and Commonwealth; wrote Life of the Duke of Newcastle (1886), Scotland and the Commonwealth (1895), and other works.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Furse, Charles Wellington (male) 04/20/1821 - 08/02/1900 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Ordained priest 1849; divinity lecturer at St. George's chapel, Windsor 1849-50; V. of Cuddesdon 1873-83; author of Helps to holiness; or rules of fasting, almsgiving and prayer (1873). See Boase IV: 373-4.

    Geldart, Edmund Martin (male) 01/20/1844 - 1885 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Cleric , schoolmaster, and scholar; became Unitarian minister; wrote The Modern Greek Language in its Relation to Ancient Greek (1870) and other works.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Girdlestone, Edward (male) 09/16/1805 - 12/04/1884 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Cleric, Vicar of Deane; known as "The Agricultural Labourers' Friend"; his Sermons on Romanism and Tractarianism (1851) opposed the Tractarian movement; took a literary view of the Bible. See ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Gleig, Rev. George Robert (male) 04/20/1796 - 07/09/1888 Scottish Balliol College, Oxford

    Soldier and chaplain; inspector general of military schools; chaplain general of the forces; wrote The Subaltern (1826), The Chelsea Pensioners (1829), The History of the British Empire in India (1830-5), other works. See Boase I: 1156, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Gore, Charles (male) 01/22/1853 - 01/17/1932 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Influential Anglican theologian; Bishop of Worchester, Birmingham, and Oxford; wrote or edited numerous works including Lux Mundi (1889), Leo the Great (1897), The Church and the Ministry (1899). See ODNB.

    Grant Duff, Mountstuart Elphinstone (male) 02/21/1829 - 01/12/1906 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Politician and author; member of Inner Temple; contributor to Saturday Review; lectured at Working Men's College; long term Liberal MP; wrote memoirs of Henry Maine (1892) and Lord De Tabley (1899); wrote Studies in European Politics (1866). See ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Grant, Sir Alexander (male) 09/13/1826 - 11/30/1884 English Balliol College, Oxford

    University principal; his family owned slave-worked property in West Indies; became private tutor; published an edition of the Ethics of Aristotle; examiner of candidates for the Indian Civil Service; 10th baronet in 1856; dean and vice-chancellor at the University of Bombay; principal of Edinburgh University. See Boase I: 1200-1, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

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