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    Alford, Rev. Charles (male) ? - 1869 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Rector of West Quantoxhead, Somerset, 1814-1869.

    Arnold, Matthew (male) 12/24/1822 - 04/15/1888 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Famous poet and critic; wrote volumes of poems in 1853, 1854; Essays in Criticism (1867), many other works. See Boase IV: 171-2, ODNB.

    Baumann, Arthur Anthony (male) 01/01/1856 - 06/20/1936 Scottish Balliol College, Oxford

    Lawyer, author, newspaper editor, businessman and Conservative Party politician

    Birch, William John (male) 01/04/1811 - 1863 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Barrister; wrote The Real and the Ideal (1840), An Inquiry into Shakespeare (1848), religious books. See Boase IV: 405.

    Bowen, Charles Synge Christopher (male) 01/01/1835 - 04/10/1894 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Jurist and journalist; contributed to Saturday Review; judge of the court of appeal. See Boase IV: 465, ODNB.

    Brodrick, George Charles (male) 05/05/1831 - 11/08/1903 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Oxford historian and writer; wrote for the Times; warden of Merton College, Oxford. Wrote English Land and English Landlords: An Enquiry into the Origin and Characters of the English Land System, with Proposals for its Reform (1881) and many other works. See ODNB.

    Clough, Arthur Hugh (male) 01/01/1819 - 11/13/1861 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Scholar and poet; fellow of Oriel college, professor of English language and literature at University College, London; wrote the Bothie of Toperna-Fuosich (1848), a translation of Plutarch's Lives (1859); his wife published Poems and Prose Remains of A. H. Clough (1869). See Boase I: 654-5, ODNB.

    Coleridge, John Duke (male) 12/03/1820 - 06/14/1894 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Lawyer, judge, and politician; Lord Chief Justice of England. See Boase IV: 711-2, ODNB.

    Collins, John Churton (male) 03/26/1848 - 09/25/1908 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Journalist, essayist and lecturer; wrote Sir Joshua Reynolds (1874), published volumes on Bolingbroke and Voltaire (1886), and other works; contributed to the principal reviews. See ODNB.

    Elton, Charles Isaac (male) 12/06/1839 - 04/23/1900 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Barrister, antiquary, and politician; M.P. For West Somerset; wrote Norway: the Road and the Fell (1864), A Treatise on the Law of Copyholds and Customary Tenures of Land (1874), Origins of English History (1882) and other works. See Boase V: 229, ODNB.

    Faber, Frederick William (male) 06/28/1814 - 09/26/1863 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Cleric; entered Roman Catholic church in 1845; edited The Saints and Servants of God; wrote The Cherwell Water Lily and Other Poems (1840) and many other books. See Boase I: 1012, ODNB.

    Furse, Charles Wellington (male) 04/20/1821 - 08/02/1900 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Ordained priest 1849; divinity lecturer at St. George's chapel, Windsor 1849-50; V. of Cuddesdon 1873-83; author of Helps to holiness; or rules of fasting, almsgiving and prayer (1873). See Boase IV: 373-4.

    Geldart, Edmund Martin (male) 01/20/1844 - 1885 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Cleric , schoolmaster, and scholar; became Unitarian minister; wrote The Modern Greek Language in its Relation to Ancient Greek (1870) and other works.

    Girdlestone, Edward (male) 09/16/1805 - 12/04/1884 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Cleric, Vicar of Deane; known as "The Agricultural Labourers' Friend"; his Sermons on Romanism and Tractarianism (1851) opposed the Tractarian movement; took a literary view of the Bible. See ODNB.

    Gleig, Rev. George Robert (male) 04/20/1796 - 07/09/1888 Scottish Balliol College, Oxford

    Soldier and chaplain; inspector general of military schools; chaplain general of the forces; wrote The Subaltern (1826), The Chelsea Pensioners (1829), The History of the British Empire in India (1830-5), other works. See Boase I: 1156, ODNB.

    Gore, Charles (male) 01/22/1853 - 01/17/1932 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Influential Anglican theologian; Bishop of Worchester, Birmingham, and Oxford; wrote or edited numerous works including Lux Mundi (1889), Leo the Great (1897), The Church and the Ministry (1899). See ODNB.

    Grant Duff, Mountstuart Elphinstone (male) 02/21/1829 - 01/12/1906 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Politician and author; member of Inner Temple; contributor to Saturday Review; lectured at Working Men's College; long term Liberal MP; wrote memoirs of Henry Maine (1892) and Lord De Tabley (1899); wrote Studies in European Politics (1866). See ODNB.

    Grant, Sir Alexander (male) 09/13/1826 - 11/30/1884 English Balliol College, Oxford

    University principal; his family owned slave-worked property in West Indies; became private tutor; published an edition of the Ethics of Aristotle; examiner of candidates for the Indian Civil Service; 10th baronet in 1856; dean and vice-chancellor at the University of Bombay; principal of Edinburgh University. See Boase I: 1200-1, ODNB.

    Holland, Henry Scott (male) 01/27/1847 - 03/17/1918 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Theologian and social reformer; ordained in 1872, mixture of high Anglicanism and liberal outlook; sought to transform society, canon of St. Paul's 1884; founded Christian Social Union 1889. See ODNB.

    Hopkins, Gerard Manley (male) 07/28/1844 - 06/08/1889 English Balliol College, Oxford

    Poet and professor of classical literature at Royal University of Ireland; member of the Society of Jesus. See Boase I: 1533, ODNB.

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