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    Badham, Charles (male) 04/17/1780 - 11/10/1845 English University of Edinburgh; Pembroke College, Oxford

    Professor of Medicine in the University of Glasgow; classical scholar; travelled extensively; translated Juvenal. See ODNB.

    Biedermann, William Henry (male) 1813 - 07/29/1889 English Pembroke College, Oxford

    Cleric; Vicar of Egham, Surrey. See Boase IV: 397.

    Bourne, John Gervas Hutchinson (male) 1804 - 11/21/1845 English Pembroke College, Oxford

    Barrister and scholar; associated with reformers; published The Exile of Idria (1833), The picture, and the prosperous man (1835), and a translation of Beranger’s songs (1837). Bourne immigrated to Newfoundland in 1838. See Dictionary of Canadian Biography.

    Fagan, Rev. Henry Stuart (male) 1827 - 01/24/1890 Irish Pembroke College, Oxford

    Schoolmaster and divine; head master of various schools; rector of Great Cressingham; wrote for Belgravia, Blackwood's, and other periodicals. See Boase V: 260-1.

    Fowler, John Coke (male) 12/26/1815 - 12/16/1899 English Pembroke College, Oxford

    Barrister of the Inner Temple; magistrate; wrote Church Pews, their Origin and Legal Incidents (1844)Collieries and Colliers: A Handbook of the Law and Leading Cases Relating Thereto (1872); contributed articles to British Quarterly Review. See Boase V: 339.

    Fox, Samuel (male) 1801 - 09/07/1870 English Pembroke College, Oxford

    Vicar of Horsley; wrote Monks and Monasteries (1845), A History of Rome for Young People (1848) and other books; translated Anglo-Saxon version of the Metres of Boethius. See Boase V: 343.

    Hawker, Rev. Robert Stephen (male) 12/03/1803 - 08/15/1875 English Pembroke College, Oxford

    Poet and cleric; High Churchman; Vicar of Morwenstow 1834-1875; wrote "The Song of the Western Men: And shall Trelawny die?"; wrote stories about the Cornish coast and sea wrecks. See Boase I: 1385-6. ODNB.

    Hill, George Birkbeck Norman (male) 07/06/1835 - 02/24/1903 English Pembroke College, Oxford

    Editor and author; best known for editing an edition of Boswell's Life of Johnson. See ODNB.

    Hodge, Harold (male) 1862 - 1937 English Pembroke College, Oxford

    Journalist and editor of the Saturday Review; barrister; did social work in East London.

    Locker, Arthur (male) 07/02/1828 - 06/23/1893 English Pembroke College, Oxford

    Journalist, writer and traveller; resided in Australia, India, and at Madeira; contributed reviews to the Times, edited The Graphic; wrote Sir Goodwin's Folly (1864). See Boase I: 468, ODNB.

    Scrope, George Julius Poulett (male) 03/10/1797 - 01/19/1876 English Pembroke College, Oxford

    Economist and scientist; baptized George Julius Thomson; changed last name before marrying Emma Phipps Scrope in 1821 (thanks to Mark Curthoys at ODNB for this information); wrote on geology and political economy; printed many pamphlets (known as "Pamphlet Scrope"); M.P. For Stroud. See Boase III: 465-466, ODNB.

    Sedgwick, James (male) 1775 - 01/26/1851 English Pembroke College, Oxford

    Barrister, chairman of excise board and board of stamps, edited and or wrote various legal and economic treatises and reports. See Boase III: 476-7, ODNB.

    Sinclair, John (male) 08/20/1797 - 05/22/1875 Scottish University of Edinburgh; Pembroke College, Oxford

    Church of England cleric; Secretary of the National Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor; archdeacon of Middlesex. See Boase III: 589, ODNB.

    Stone, Rev. Samuel John (male) 04/25/1839 - 11/19/1900 English Pembroke College, Oxford

    Cleric, poet, and writer of hymns; rector of All Hallows, London Wall; wrote A New Year's Gift to England (1864), The Knight of Intercession and Other Poems (1872), and other works. See Boase VI: 631, ODNB.

    White, James (male) 1803 - 03/26/1862 Scottish Pembroke College, Oxford; University of Glasgow

    Curate and Vicar, author of The Village poorhouse (1832), The adventures of Sir Frizzle Pumpkin (1836), several dramas including The Mousetrap, various histories. Retired to Bonchurch, Isle of Wright; contributed to several periodicals. See Boase III: 1313, ODNB.

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