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    Alexander, William Lindsay (male) 08/24/1808 - 12/20/1884 Scottish University of Edinburgh; St. Andrews University

    Minister of Newington; pastor of Augustine Church, Edinburgh; wrote articles in Encyclopedia Britannica. See Boase I: 45, ODNB.

    Browne, James (male) 1793 - 1841 Scottish King's College, Aberdeen; St. Andrews University

    Newspaper editor and journalist; cleric, lawyer, and schoolmaster; editor of Caledonian Mercury; contributor to Edinburgh Review; wrote on Scottish history. See ODNB.

    Duff, Alexander (male) 04/26/1806 - 02/12/1878 Scottish St. Andrews University

    Missionary; arrived in India in 1830; opened English school; edited the Calcutta Review (1845-49); wrote India and India Missions (1840), The Jesuits (1845) and 12 other books. See Boase I: 924, ODNB.

    Horry, Sidney Calder (male) 1808 - 03/04/1882 English St. Andrews University

    Barrister; classical scholar and member of metropolitan press; wrote on bankruptcy (1861). See Law Times, April 1, 1882.

    Lang, Andrew (male) 03/31/1844 - 07/20/1912 Scottish St. Andrews University; Balliol College, Oxford

    Poet, novelist, literary critic, and collector of folk and fairy tales. See ODNB.

    Mackay, William Sinclair (male) 1807 - 1865 Scottish St. Andrews University; University of Aberdeen

    Missionary; arrived in India in 1831; editor of Calcutta Review starting 1849. See Robert Hunter, History of the Missions of the Free Church of Scotland in India and Africa (Edinburgh: T. Nelson and Sons, 1873) 61-2; Ecclegen: Ministers of the Free Church of Scotland 1843-1900,,%20WILLIAM%20SINCLAIR.

    Macvicar, John Gibson (male) 03/16/1800 - 02/12/1884 Scottish University of Edinburgh; St. Andrews University

    Minister and writer; editor of the Quarterly Journal of Agriculture; wrote Elements of the Economy of Nature (1830); minister in Ceylon 1840-1852. See Boase II: 682, ODNB.

    Playfair, Lyon (male) 05/21/1818 - 05/29/1898 Scottish St. Andrews University

    Politican and chemist; born in India; studied chemistry in Germany; professor at the Royal Institution of Manchester; chemist to the Geological Society; professor of Chemistry at Edinburgh University; politically active MP; created Baron Playfair in 1892. See Boase VI: 404-5, ODNB.

    Weir, William (male) 02/09/1802 - 09/15/1858 Scottish University of Edinburgh; St. Andrews University; University of Gottingen

    Member of Scottish Bar; editor of Edinburgh Literary Journal, Glasgow Argus, Scottish annual; wrote for Charles Knight's Penny Cyclopaedia; editor of Daily News. See Boase III: 1257, ODNB.

    Wynter, Andrew (male) 06/06/1819 - 05/12/1876 English St. Andrews University

    Physician and author; edited British Medical Journal; published Odds and Ends from an Old Drawer (1855); used pseudonym Werdna Retnyw; wrote other works of human interest; contributed to Once a Week and the Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews. See Boase III: 1543-4, ODNB.

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