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    Abbott, Rev. Thomas Kingsmill (male) 03/26/1829 - 12/18/1913 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Cleric, scholar, and educator; translated Kant's Critique of Practical Reason (1878).

    Anster, John (male) 1793 - 06/09/1867 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Professor of civil law, journalist, and poet; his partial translation of Goethe's Faust appeared in Blackwood's; contributed prose and verse to the Dublin University Magazine; wrote literary articles for the North British Review. See Boase I: 74, ODNB.

    Banks, Percival Weldon (male) 1806 - 08/13/1850 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Barrister; wrote under the pseudonym "Morgan Rattler" for Fraser's Magazine and other periodicals; editor of Carlton Chronicle.

    Bell, Robert (male) 01/16/1800 - 04/12/1867 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Started Dublin Historical Society; edited the Atlas, the Morning Chronicle, and the Home News; wrote History of Russia (1838), Lives of the English Poets (1839), other works; wrote 3 5-act comedies. See Boase I: 231, ODNB.

    Blackley, Rev. William Lewery (male) 12/30/1830 - 07/25/1902 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Cleric and social reformer; accomplished linguist; wrote "National Insurance a Cheap, Practical, and Popular Way of Preventing Pauperism" in National Century in 1878; director of Clergy Mutual Insurance Company. He also translated Swedish poetry. See ODNB.

    Bloxham, Mark (male) 1796 - 04/10/1849 English Trinity College, Dublin

    Church of Ireland curate, RLF case 1051; wrote Paradise Regained (1834); add life dates 1796-1849 to Wellesley.

    Browne, Charles Thomas (male) 1825 - 1868 English Trinity College, Dublin

    Born in Somerset, a barrister (Inner Temple) and journalist, died in Basingstoke. See Boase I:443 and Royal Literary Fund case 1759.

    Butler, William Archer (male) 1814 - 07/05/1848 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Historian of Philosophy; Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Dublin; published Sermons (1849), Lectures on the History of Ancient Philosophy; wrote for Dublin University Magazine. See ODNB.

    Cooley, William Desborough (male) 1795 - 03/01/1883 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Geographer; published The World Surveyed in the XIX Century (1845-8); See Boase I: 706-7; replace Wellesley year of birth 1794/1795 with 1795. EMC, VPR 30 (1997), 327. See ODNB.

    Craig, John Duncan (male) 09/23/1830 - 10/10/1909 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Poet, writer, and cleric; chaplain in Irish prison system.

    Croker, John Wilson (male) 12/20/1780 - 08/10/1857 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    M.P. and Secretary of the Admiralty; one of the founders of and a major contributor to Quarterly Review; wrote a variety of books. See Boase I: 764, ODNB.

    Croly, Rev. George (male) 08/17/1770 - 11/24/1860 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Writer and cleric; drama critic at New Times; wrote poems in the Literary Gazette; edited the Literary Souvenir (1825-1834); wrote The Beauties of the British Poets (1828), A Memoir of Edmund Burke (1840), Scenes from Scripture and other poems (1851), and other works. See Boase I: 766, ODNB.

    Darley, George (male) 1795 - 11/23/1846 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Born in Dublin; contributed poems and theater articles to London Magazine; wrote mathematics and astronomy textbooks; wrote on art for the Athenaeum; most important poem is "Nepenthe." See ODNB.

    de Vere, Aubrey Thomas (male) 01/10/1814 - 01/20/1902 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Poet; wrote Sisters (1861); The Infant Bridal (1864); Irish Odes (1869); Legends of St Patrick (1872); and Legends of the Saxon Saints (1879); and in prose, Essays Chiefly on Poetry (1887); and Essays Chiefly Literary and Ethical (1889). See ODNB.

    Dixon, William Macniele (male) 1866 - 1946 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Professor of English Literature, Trinity College, Dublin.

    Dowden, John (male) 06/29/1840 - 01/30/1910 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Anglican Bishop of Edinburgh; scholar of Scottish medieval ecclesiastical history. See ODNB.

    Dwyer, Francis Doyne (male) 1809 - 1880 Irish Trinity College, Dublin Major in Austrian Imperial and Royal Service; wrote about military affairs involving Austrian or Prussian forces. See "England and Wales, Death Registration Index 1837-2007," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 10 March 2015).

    Espinasse, Isaac (male) 1758 - 02/14/1834 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Law reporter and legal writer; of Huguenot family living in Ireland; wrote treatises on aspects of law; after retirement wrote articles for Fraser's Magazine on legal figures. See ODNB.

    Ferguson, Samuel (male) 03/10/1810 - 08/09/1886 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Poet, barrister, antiquarian, artist, journalist; regular contributor to Blackwood's Magazine and Dublin University Magazine; practiced law in Dublin; his poems were published as Lays of the Western Gael (1865); knighted in 1878. See Boase I: 1035, ODNB.

    Gage, Revd. Robert (male) 10/20/1790 - 09/29/1862 Irish Trinity College, Dublin

    Landlord of Rathlin Island (County Antrim, Ireland).

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