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    Bagehot, Walter (male) 02/03/1826 - 03/24/1877 English University College, London

    Political commentator, economist, and journalist; Unitarian; wrote for The Inquirer, The Economist, and other periodicals; cofounder of the National Review. See Boase I: 123, ODNB.

    Hutton, Richard Holt (male) 06/02/1826 - 09/09/1897 English University College, London

    Critic, theologian, and journalist; edited The Inquirer, the National Review; editor and proprietor of The Spectator; wrote The Incarnation and Principles of Evidence (1862, Essays Theological and Literary (1871), and other works. See Boase V: 738-9, ODNB.

    Quain, John Richard (male) 1816 - 09/12/1876 Irish University of Gottingen; University College, London

    Barrister and Jurist; judge of the court of Queen's Bench; wrote The New System of Common Law Procedure (1852). See Boase II: 1685, ODNB.

    Scoffern, Dr. John (male) 10/09/1814 - 02/14/1882 English University College, London

    Scientist and author; wrote works on the manufacture of sugar, outlines of botany, practical chemistry, metal-working, meteorology, weaponry, etc. See Boase III: 445.

    Stephens, George (male) 12/13/1813 - 08/09/1895 English University College, London

    Teacher of English in Stockholm; lectured at Univ of Copenhagen; wrote Revenge, or a Woman's Love (1857), works on Runic monuments, and many other texts. See Boase III: 730, ODNB.

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