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    Acland, Thomas Dyke (male) 03/29/1787 - 07/22/1871 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Politician and Baronet; friend of Pusey. See Boase I: 11-12, ODNB.

    Agar-Ellis, George James Welbore (male) 01/14/1797 - 07/10/1833 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Politician and miscellaneous writer; wrote The True History of the State Prisoner Commonly Called the Iron Mask (1826), Inquiries Respecting the Character of Clarendon (1827), Life of Frederick II (1831). See ODNB.

    Arnold, Frederick (male) 01/02/1833 - 1891 English Christ Church, Oxford; Christ's College, Cambridge; University of Glasgow

    Divine; add to Wellesley born 2 Jan. 1833. See Boase IV:169-170.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Benson, Ralph Augustus (male) 10/11/1828 - 03/11/1886 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Of Lutwyche Hall, barrister and magistrate, president of the Wenlock Agricultural Reading Society. See Boase IV: 369.

    Bentinck, Henry William Cavendish (male) 06/09/1804 - 12/31/1870 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Sportsman and politician; devoted to fox hunting; served in parliament. See Boase I: 248, ODNB.

    Berens, Venerable Edward (male) 1777 - 04/07/1859 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Cleric; vicar of Shrivenham, Archdeacon of Berkshire; wrote A Memoir of the Life of Bishop Mant (1849), Twenty-Three Short Lectures on the Church Catechism (1851), Advice to Oxford Freshmen (1853), and other works. See Boase I: 250.

    Bode, Rev. John Ernest (male) 1816 - 10/06/1874 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Cleric, poet, and scholar; Rector of Westwell Oxon., Castle Camps, Cambridge; wrote Ballads from Herodotus (1853), Short occasional poems (1858), other works. See Boase I: 323, ODNB.

    Boone, James Shergold (male) 06/30/1798 - 03/24/1859 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Writer; as undergraduate published The Oxford Spy; edited The Council of Ten; ordained priest in 1827; wrote National Education: a Sermon (1833), The Educational Economy of England (1838); editor of British Critic (Jan 1834 - late 1837). See Boase I: 335-6, ODNB.

    Bosanquet, Samuel Richard (male) 04/01/1800 - 12/27/1882 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Legal and religious writer; barrister; wrote leading articles for The Times; wrote The Tithe Commutation Act (1837), The Poor Law Amendment Acts (1839); believed in individual charity over public provision. See Boase I: 344, ODNB.

    Buckland, Francis Trevelyan (male) 12/17/1826 - 12/19/1880 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Surgeon and scientist; wrote in the Field newspaper, started Land and Water (a periodical); worked at South Kensington Museum; wrote several works on natural history. See Boase I: 462, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Burton, Edward (male) 02/13/1794 - 01/19/1836 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Church of England cleric and theologian; professor at Oxford; published on Greek and Latin literature; attacked Unitarianism and evangelicalism; wrote Lectures on Ecclesiastical History (1831) and other works. See ODNB.

    Cecil, Lord Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne (male) 02/03/1830 - 08/22/1902 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Conservative politician and Prime Minister; served as Foreign Secretary; wrote extensively for the Quarterly Review and other similar periodicals. See ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Churton, Edward (male) 02/10/1800 - 07/04/1874 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Theologian and Spanish scholar; archdeacon of Cleveland; member of Hackney Phalanx; wrote Memoir of Joshua Watson (1861); wary of Pusey and Newman; edited Englishman's Library, which sought to counterbalance Tracts. See ODNB.

    Conybeare, William Daniel (male) 06/07/1787 - 08/12/1857 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Divine, geologist; co-founder of Bristol Philosophical and Literary Institution; vicar of Axminster; wrote Elementary Course of Theological Lectures (1836), Geological Memoir of the Landslip in Devon (1840), and other works; name misspelled in Wellesley Vol 5 as "Coneybeare." EMC, VPR 30 (1997), 327. See Boase I: 697.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Cotton, William Charles (male) 1813 - 06/22/1879 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Writer on bees; brother of Sir Henry Cotton; assistant curate to G. A. Selwyn at Windsor. See Boase IV: 769-70, ODNB under Sir Henry Cotton.

    Doyle, Francis Hastings Charles (male) 08/22/1810 - 06/08/1888 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Government official and poet; worked in Customs office; professor of poetry at Oxford; wrote Miscellaneous Verses (1834), Two Destinies: a Poem 91844) and other works. See Boase I: 911, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Edmonstone, Sir Archibald (male) 03/12/1795 - 03/13/1871 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Writer; wrote A Journey to Two of the Oases of Upper Egypt (1822), devotional works, plays, and a family history. See Boase I: 962, ODNB.

    Egerton, Lord Francis (Leveson-Gower) (male) 01/01/1800 - 02/18/1857 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Politician and poet; younger son of George Granville Leveson-Gower; assumed the surname Egerton in 1833; published translations of Goethe's Faust and Schiller's Song of the Bell (1823); M.P.; wrote for the Quarterly Review. See Boase I: 976, ODNB.

    Ewart, William (male) 05/01/1798 - 01/23/1869 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Barrister and M.P.; advocated for the abolition of capital punishment. See Boase I: 1008, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Finch Hatton, George James (male) 05/31/1815 - 06/09/1887 English Christ Church, Oxford

    Tory politician and M.P.; wrote poems Abd-ek-Kadar (1851), The Deluge (1853) and others; wrote on racing subjects; contributed to annuals. See Boase III: 1433-4.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

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