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    Albert, Francis Charles, Prince Consort (male) 08/26/1819 - 12/14/1861 German University of Bonn

    Consort of Queen Victoria; managed royal household, supported Great Exhibition of 1851. See Boase I: 38-9, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Bulwer-Lytton, Edward Robert Lytton (male) 11/08/1831 - 11/24/1891 English University of Bonn

    Statesman and poet; was Viceroy of India; wrote poems and novels under the name Owen Meredith. See Boase II: 553-4, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Bulwer-Lytton, Robert (male) 11/01/1831 - 11/24/1891 English University of Bonn

    1st Earl of Lytton, statesman and poet; Viceroy of India; wrote under the pseudonym "Owen Meredith"; published Clytumnestra and other poems (1855), Lucile (1860), The Life, Letters, and Literary Remains of Edward Bulwer, Lord Lytton (1883), and other works.

    Clarke, Campbell (male) 10/03/1845 - 08/26/1902 English University of Bonn

    Journalist and author; librarian at British Museum; special correspondent in Europe; translated papers; adapted plays and wrote songs.

    Prothero, Sir George Walter (male) 10/14/1848 - 07/10/1922 English King's College, Cambridge; University of Bonn

    Historian and journalist; president of the Royal Historical Society; professor of Modern History at the University of Edinburgh; editor of the Quarterly Review.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Schubring, Julius (male) 03/28/1839 - 06/05/1914 German University of Bonn; University of Gottingen

    Classical scholar; known for studies of the archaelolgical topology of Sicily.

    Wenckstern, Otto von (male) 04/25/1819 - 08/05/1869 German University of Bonn

    Journalist; language teacher of English and Italian in Elberfeld; translated works of Charles Dickens into German; wrote articles supporting Polish freedom from Russia; moved to London in 1846; wrote for The Times; war correspondent during Crimean War; emigrated to Trinidad in 1864.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

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