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Here you can search using a number of different selection criteria. The date slider enables you to search within a particular time frame, while the Title of Contribution menu enables you to search the database by article title.
The Periodicals tab enables you to search by a particular periodical title by choosing from the dropdown menu. This could be combined with the Genre tab to search for, for example, all the poetry attributions in the database, or you could combine it with the date slider to look at, for example, the number of articles published in Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine during the 1840s. You can use the Aggregate by function to limit your search to a particular Article Type (prose or verse), Contributor Nationality or Contributor Gender.  
Contributors leads to a drop-down menu of all the contributors whose work appears in the Curran Index. You can click on the name of a contributor to view the number of articles they wrote, the genre of these articles, and their length. You can refine your search by filtering by Article Type, Article Year, Periodical [title], Contributor Nationality and Contributor Gender. So, for example, you could find out how many articles Harriet Martineau wrote for the Westminster Review in 1854. With the Contributor Gender tab you could search for the number of articles in the Curran Index written by woman writers. If you are interested in the cosmopolitan makeup of Victorian journalism, try aggregating by nationality using the Nationality tab. Finally, the Education tab enables you to filter the contributors in the database according to which university they attended (where this is known).
Data from any of these functions can be copied and pasted into an Excel spreadsheet and saved. You are free to use it in your own research. Please cite the Curran Index as follows:
Database: The Curran Index, eds. Lara Atkin and Emily Bell. 2017-present.
Entry: ‘[Page Title].’ The Curran Index, eds. Lara Atkin and Emily Bell. [URL], [date of access].