Release Notes

The central task for 2020 has been incorporating the results of the landmark analysis of the Punch contributor ledgers which was conducted at Liverpool... Read More
The  first half of 2019 was spent working with data received from City, University London, spanning the years 1830-1871 (with a few missing years).... Read More
As of June 2019 the Curran Index has grown to list over 54,000 articles and just shy of 2,700 contributors.  The focus of the... Read More
Entries for 5,300 articles in the Saturday Review have as of this date been entered into the Curran Index, and the authors of over... Read More
The Curran Index ( began as a series of additions and corrections to the Wellesley Index. As of October 2017 there are 1,100... Read More
This update includes verse from Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine (1824-1840), the English Review (1844-1853), and the indexing, with article payments, of our first weekly, Once... Read More
This essay responds to the question, what is in the Curran Index as of August, 2016?
1)... Read More
Since the last update in March 2015 there have been major additions to the Curran Index; the CI now itemizes and indexes over 7,500... Read More
The Wellesley Index is such an enormous achievement -- spanning 40 periodicals, almost 90,000 articles, and over 11,000 identified authors – that it is... Read More
When Eileen Curran published her study “Verses in Bentley’s Miscellany,” she hoped that future investigators would continue the search. She particularly wondered “who was... Read More
After contributing to the original Wellesley Index, and publishing several subsequent updates in Victorian Periodicals Review, Eileen Curran initiated this Index with Patrick Leary... Read More
This installment of ‘Additions and Corrections’ is larger than any yet published.  Partly as a result, it is also more miscellaneous than some have been, and... Read More
Another batch, mainly of additions.  A dozen Wellesley ‘blanks’ have been filled, some by the identification of Fraser’s  ‘retired... Read More
The present collection of Wellesley revisions shows, I hope, the importance of small accretions of information.  Only three Wellesley blanks are newly filled:  an 1865 article... Read More
In this, the first online edition of Wellesley Index additions and corrections, I am concerned, as so often in the past, with the minutiae of periodical... Read More