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Welcome to the Curran Index, a reference project identifying the contributors to 19th-century British periodicals. The index is named after Eileen Curran, one of the original editors of the ground-breaking Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals.  As of April 2018 index entries include:
  • Over 1,100 corrections to the Wellesley Index, many of which can be found nowhere else.
  • Almost 6,500 poems and over 3,000 articles in monthlies: Ainsworth's Magazine (verse, 1824-54), Bentley's Miscellany (verse, 1837-54), Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (verse, 1824-54), Fraser's Magazine (verse, 1830-54), Metropolitan Magazine (1831-50), the Monthly Repository (1830-38) and the New Monthly Magazine (verse, 1821-54).
  • Almost 4,300 reviews in High Church  or foreign-related quarterlies: British Critic (1823-43), Calcutta Review (1844-48), Christian Remembrancer (1843-68), Church of England Quarterly Review (1837-58), Church Quarterly Review (1875-1900), English Review (1844-53), Foreign Review (1828-30), and the Foreign and Colonial Review / New Quarterly Review (1843-47).
  • Over 700 articles and 1,500 poems in annuals: The Bijou (1828-30), The Keepsake (1828-57), The Literary Souvenir / Cabinet of Modern Art (1825-37), and the Scottish Annual (1836).
  • Over 3,000 articles and 650 poems in weeklies: Once a Week (1859-64), the Saturday Review (1855-56), and Howitt's Journal (verse, 1847-48).
  • Life information and / or attributions for over 2,300 contributors.
 The new website supports article searches by periodical, contributor, article type, year range, title word, or any combination of these criteria.