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    A'Beckett, Gilbert Arthur (male) 04/07/1837 - 10/15/1891 English

    Dramatist and librettist

    Abraham, Robert John (male) English

    Civil servant; of 38, Edmund Terrace, Bayswater, Middlesex; clerk in the Census Office up to 1863; appointed second clerk in Land Registry Office in 1863; wrote A Popular Explanation of the System of Land Registration Under Lord Westbury's Act (1865).

    Adams, Charles Warren (male) 1833 - 1903 English

    Lawyer, publisher, and anti-vivisectionist; perhaps C. W. Adams, wrote for Cornhill Magazine in 1885, in Wellesley.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Adams, William Bridges (male) 05/26/1797 - 07/23/1872 English

    Railway engineer; manufactured railway vehicles and tracks; wrote technical books and numerous memoirs and articles; wrote radical political pamphlets and for the Monthly Repository in the 1830s. See Boase I: 19, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Addis, John (male) 1831 - 04/20/1876 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Of Rustington, Sussex; wrote Elizabethan Echoes: or, Poems, Songs, and Sonnets (1879).

    Alexander, George Gardiner (male) 1821 - 05/16/1897 English

    Colonel in the Royal Marine Artillery; served in China in the early 1840s; served in Crimea; wrote A Few Remarks on our Naval Organization (1858) and other works. See Boase IV: 73.

    Allingham, William (male) 03/19/1824 - 11/18/1889 Irish

    Poet, diarist, and editor; customs clerk; editor of Fraser's Magazine 1874-9; wrote Poems (1850), Peace and War, an ode (1854), many other works of poetry and songs. See Boase IV: 97-8, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Amedroz, Henry Frederick (male) 1819 - 07/22/1893 unknown

    Clerk and translator at the Admiralty. Thanks to Levana Taylor for identification and biographical information.

    André, Peter Fox (male) 1830 - 1869 English

    Radical socialist Journalist active in the 1860s; wrote for Victoria Magazine and Weldon's Register; ran the weekly National Reformer; friend of Karl Marx. Thanks to Levana Taylor for additional information on this contributor.

    Andrews, E. J. (unknown) unknown

    Andrews, John (male) 02/02/1837 - 1906 English Wadham College, Oxford

    Lawyer and poet; born at Wolverhampton; wrote Day Dreams: a New Volume of Poems (1865), Precedents of Leases and Mortgages; appointed Estates Bursar Oct. 1893; death date uncertain.

    Archer, John Wykeham (male) 08/02/1806 - 05/25/1864 English

    Artist, engraver, and writer; contributed to Gentleman's Magazine and the Illustrated London News; member of New Society of Painters in Water Colours. See Boase I: 81, ODNB.

    Archer, Thomas Croxen (male) 1817 - 02/19/1885 English

    Botanist; professor in the Liverpool institution; first Director of the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh; arranged imports for Great Exhibition. See Boase I: 81.

    Armstrong, A. (male) English

    Wrote Mrs. Mountelephant, and Other Humorous Excursions in Prose and Verse (1876); of Holloway.

    Arnold, Arthur (male) 05/28/1833 - 05/20/1902 English

    Radical politician and writer; involved in surveying for Thames Embankment; edited The Echo, a Liberal newspaper; wrote A History of the Cotton Famine, two sensation novels, and Through Persia by Caravan (1877); M.P. See ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Arnold, Edwin (male) 06/10/1832 - 03/24/1904 English University College, Oxford

    Poet and journalist; wrote Poems Narrative and Lyrical (1853), The Light of Asia (1879); principal of Deccan Sanskrit College at Poona, India; mastered Eastern languages; leader writer and then editor for Daily Telegraph. See ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Auber, Rev. Charles Bransby (male) 04/06/1820 - 01/18/1867 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Thanks to Levana Taylor for this probable identification.

    Austin, Wiltshire Stanton (male) 1826 - 09/07/1875 English Exeter College, Oxford

    Barrister; one of the original contributors to Temple Bar; co-author of The Lives of the Poets-Laureate (1853), edited Weeds from the Isis (1856). See Boase IV: 209.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Aylmer, Isabella E. (Darling) (female) ? - 12/27/1908 New Zealand

    Married Captain Fenton John Aylmer on June 9, 1857; was widowed on April 9, 1862; wrote Distant Homes: Or the Graham Family in New Zealand (1862). Thanks to Levana Taylor for pointing out that this is the same person who is sometimes signed as "Isabella D. Fenton."

    Bailey, John (male) 1810 - 04/16/1867 English Trinity College, Oxford

    Principal Assistant Colonial Secretary of Ceylon; son in law of Sir Henry Ward, Governor of Ceylon; returned to England in 1865.

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