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    A'Beckett, Arthur William (male) 1844 - 1809 English

    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    A'Beckett, Gilbert Abbot (male) 01/09/1811 - 08/30/1856 English

    Proprietor of several periodicals; edited Figaro in London; staff member of Punch; wrote for Times and Morning Herald; barrister and magistrate; wrote The Comic Blackstone (1846) and other comic works; wrote over 50 plays. See Boase I: 4-5, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    A'Beckett, Gilbert Arthur (male) 04/07/1837 - 10/15/1891 English

    Dramatist and librettist

    Abraham (male) unknown

    Contributed to Punch.

    Armstrong, Thomas (male) 10/19/1832 - 1911 English

    Artist and illustrator; Director for Art at the South Kensington Museum

    Ashby-Sterry, Joseph (male) 1836 - 06/01/1917 English

    Poet, novelist and journalist; wrote Boudoir Ballads (1876); contributed to Punch and to The Graphic.

    Asher, Mrs. (female) unknown

    Contributed to Punch in 1893.

    Atkinson, J. Priestman (male) unknown

    Illustrator best known for the "Dumb Crambo" series of drawings in Punch.

    Austin, Alfred (male) 05/30/1885 - 06/02/1913 English

    Poet; Poet Laureate after Tennyson; best known for nature poems
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Baddeley (unknown) unknown

    Contributor to Punch?

    Baxter (unknown) unknown

    Contributor to Punch?

    Bedford, Deputy John (male) unknown

    Bennett, Charles Henry (male) 1828 - 04/02/1867 English

    Artist and illustrator; worked for several humorous magazines; joined the staff of Punch in 1865. See Boase I: 240-1.

    Bentham, Mr. (male) unknown

    Wrote for Punch in 1889.

    Betham-Edwards, Matilda Barbara (female) 03/04/1836 - 01/04/1919 English

    Novelist, poet, travel writer, and francophile; contributed to Household Words; wrote many novels of French life; contributed to Fortnightly Review, Fraser's Magazine, Macmillan's Magazine, and other periodicals. See ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Bolt, Mr. (male) unknown

    Contributed to Punch in 1893.

    Bosaquet, Mr. (male) unknown

    Wrote for Punch in 1889.

    Boyd, Mr. (male) unknown

    Contributed to Punch in 1891.

    Bradley, Edward (male) 03/25/1827 - 12/12/1889 English University College, Durham

    Cleric; designed the first Christmas card; wrote many papers in Bentley's Miscellany; wrote Acrostic-charades in The Illustrated London News; contributed drawings to Punch; under the pseudonym Cuthbert Bede wrote Adventures of Verdant Green, other works. See Boase IV: 479-80, ODNB.
    (Also in the Wellesley Index.)

    Bridge, Dr. (male) unknown

    Wrote an article in Punch in 1889.

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