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    Bullen, Arthur Henry (male) 02/09/1857 - 02/29/1920 English Worcester College, Oxford

    Editor and publisher, a specialist in 16th and 17th century literature, and founder of the Shakespeare Head Press,

    Crosby, Allan James (male) 1835 - 12/05/1881 English Worcester College, Oxford

    Barrister; archivist, editor of the Calendar of State Papers. See Boase I: 768-9.

    De Quincey, Thomas Penson (male) 08/15/1785 - 12/08/1859 English Worcester College, Oxford

    Autobiographer, journalist, essayist; most known for Confessions of an English Opium-Eater; editor of Westmoreland Gazette; wrote for London Magazine, Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine; wrote The Logic of Political Economy (1844). See Boase I: 862, ODNB.

    Denton, William (male) 1815 - 01/02/1888 English Worcester College, Oxford

    V. of St. Bartholomew, Cripplegate, London 1850-1888; author of A Commentary on Gospels for the Sundays and other Holy Days (1861-3), Servia and the Servians (1862), and other works. See Boase I: 861, ODNB.

    Kingsley, Henry (male) 01/02/1830 - 05/24/1876 English Worcester College, Oxford

    Novelist; brother of Charles Kingsley; spent many years in Australia; works include The Hillyars and the Burtons (1865), Ravenshoe (1861), and Austin Elliot (1863). See Boase II: 236, ODNB.

    Stebbing, William (male) 05/16/1831 - 05/27/1926 English Lincoln College, Oxford; Worcester College, Oxford

    Journalist and author; barrister; lectured on history at King's College, London; spent 30 years at The Times writing leaders, and book reviews; wrote biographies and books of essays. See ODNB.

    Stott, George (male) 1814 - 07/10/1911 English Worcester College, Oxford

    Divine; fellow at Worcester College; wrote for Contemporary Review.

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