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    Addis, John (male) 1831 - 1876 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Of Rustington, Sussex; wrote Elizabethan Echoes: or, Poems, Songs, and Sonnets (1879).

    Ashwell, Arthur Rawson (male) 12/09/1824 - 10/23/1879 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Reverend, Principal of Oxford diocesan training; minister of Holy Trinity Church, Hanover Sq., London; edited the Literary Churchman (1864-1876) and the Church Quarterly Review (1876). See Boase I: 96-7, ODNB.

    Barker, Edmund Henry (male) 12/22/1788 - 03/21/1839 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Classical scholar; catalogued Samuel Parr's library and wrote Parriana (1828); contributed to Classical Journal; produced an edition of Henri Estienne's Thesaurus Graecus (1816-1828). See ODNB.

    Barnard, Rev. Edward William (male) 03/16/1791 - 01/10/1828 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Cleric; poet and translator; vicar of Brantingham Throp; wrote Poems, Founded upon the Poems of Meleager (1817), The Protestant Beadsman (1822). See ODNB.

    Batten, John Hallet (male) 05/05/1811 - 07/14/1886 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Indian administrator; senior assistant to the commissioner, Kumaoon (1828); later commissioner, Kumaoon; wrote Official Reports on the Province of Kumaon (1851). See Boase IV: 307-8.

    Benson, Christopher (male) 01/16/1788 - 03/25/1868 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Church of England cleric; fellow of Magdalene College, Cambridge, and canon of Worcester; critic of Oxford Tractarians; Hebrew scholar. See Boase I: 245, ODNB.

    Beresford-Hope, Alexander James Beresford (male) 01/25/1820 - 10/20/1887 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    M.P. for Maidstone and for Stoke; partner in Saturday Review; art collector; wrote many books, including Worship in the Church of England (1874); a founder of Church Quarterly Review. See Boase I: 1528-9, ODNB.

    Bickersteth, Edward Henry (male) 01/25/1825 - 05/16/1906 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Bishop of Exeter 1885-1900; vicar of Christ Church, Tunbridge Wells; active in Church Missionary Society; hymn writer and poet; wrote a long blank verse poem, Yesterday, To-Day, and for Ever (1866); wrote Practical and Explanatory Commentary on the New Testament (1864). See ODNB.

    Bisset, Andrew (male) 1803 - 1899 English Magdalene College, Cambridge; Trinity College, Cambridge

    Barrister; wrote A Practical Treatise on the Law of Estates for Life (1842), The History of the Struggle for Parliamentary Government in England (1877), and other works; add to Wellesley comment that Bisset died in 1899. See Boase IV: 409.

    Blakesley, Joseph William (male) 03/06/1808 - 04/18/1885 English Corpus Christi College, Cambridge; Trinity College, Cambridge

    Dean of Lincoln and journalist; member of Apostles club; held living of Ware, Hertfordshire; wrote letters on social and political subjects to The Times; wrote Four Months in Algiers, with a Visit to Carthage (1858); contributed to the Quarterly and Edinburgh reviews. See Boase I: 305, ODNB.

    Blomfield, Charles James (male) 05/29/1786 - 08/05/1857 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Bishop of London; classical scholar; developed editions of Septem contra Thebas (1812), the Persæ (1814), Agamemnon (1820), and the Choephoroe (1824). See Boase I: 315, ODNB.

    Bowen, Edward Ernest (male) 03/30/1836 - 04/08/1901 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Schoolmaster; member of Cambridge Apostles; frequent contributor to Saturday Review; master at Harrow; supported liberal education, academic games; wrote Harrow Songs and other Verses (1886). See ODNB.

    Bristed, Charles Astor (male) 10/06/1820 - 01/14/1874 American Trinity College, Cambridge; Yale University

    Literary critic and writer on English university life; wrote over 200 articles in various periodicals including Fraser's Magazine; wrote The Upper Ten Thousand: Sketches of American Society (1852). See ODNB.

    Brookfield, William Henry (male) 08/31/1809 - 07/12/1874 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Cleric; curate at Maltby, inspector of schools, rector of Somerby; known as impressive preacher; had many literary friends. See Boase I: 419, ODNB.

    Buller, Arthur William (male) 09/05/1808 - 04/30/1869 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Barrister; See ODNB under Buller, Charles.

    Bulwer, William Henry Lytton (male) 02/13/1801 - 05/23/1872 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Brother of Edward Bulwer-Lytton; M.P for seven years; distinguished himself as diplomat; published biography of Palmerston; made Baron Dalling. See Boase I:805-6, ODNB.

    Burges, George (male) 1786 - 01/11/1864 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Inventor, entrepreneur, and writer; wrote classical works; expert on Greek literature; constructed aerial conveyances; a prominent Tory; gave lectures on literature. See Boase I: 477, ODNB.

    Burnand, Sir Francis Cowley (male) 11/29/1836 - 04/21/1917 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Writer, playwright, and journalist; actor; editor of The Glow-Worm; staff writer and then editor of Punch; wrote a series of burlesques and farces. See ODNB.

    Butler, George (male) 06/11/1819 - 03/14/1890 English Exeter College, Oxford; Trinity College, Cambridge

    Divine and schoolmaster; professor at Durham University; principal of Liverpool College; wrote Principles of Imitative Art (1852). See Boase IV: 562-3, ODNB.

    Butler, William John (male) 02/10/1818 - 01/14/1894 English Trinity College, Cambridge

    Dean of Lincoln; ordained priest 1842; V. of Wantage, Berkshire (1846-1881); chaplain Berkshire rifle volunteers; author of Sermons for Working Men (1847). See Boase IV: 564, ODNB.

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